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Looking for a reliable and knowledgeable signage company? Fitzpatrick Woolmer offers creative signage manufacture and installation for outdoor spaces across the country, providing endless connections with locations, one sign at a time.

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Our signs are designed to meet your exact specifications. As a sign manufacturer of over 25 years, we create signs that only a small number of companies can produce, using only quality materials. Our range of signage and wayfinding products are perfect for any outdoor application.

Browse to discover our variety of signs, including entrance signs, monoliths, directional signs and interpretation displays to make your visitor experience the best it can be.


Our services extend past the standard supply of signage and wayfinding products, to providing a range of signage design services for numerous sectors.

Find out more about Fitzpatrick Woolmer’s exclusive illustration work, creative mapping, interpretation signage design and signage strategy services.


Fitzpatrick Woolmer – An established UK signage company

Established in 1995, Fitzpatrick Woolmer is a leading signage company with offices based in both Kent and Wales. With a service that reaches businesses nationwide, we can provide custom made outdoor signage and additional accessories to ensure that your location is signposted sufficiently and meets government regulations.

Fitzpatrick Woolmer offers a diverse range of signage products, including graphic panels, wayfinders, monolith and totem signs and entrance signage. With our state-of-the-art in-house production facilities, we are capable of providing a service that will assist your business from start to finish. From creating unique designs to our specialist finishing services, you are guaranteed a product that will greet visitors for years to come.

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