Historic signs are commonly used to highlight important buildings, regions, locations, and landmarks. They may link to stories about the heritage of a specific town or city, tell visitors about the people who lived and worked there or provide educational information about the history and origins of a park, property, or artefact.

Durable, high-quality signage is key for public spaces, tourist attractions, or visitor centres. It ensures that the information remains clear, visible, and informative for each person passing by, attending a tour, or visiting your facility, site, or premise.

Bringing attention to areas of historical relevance is a great way to link the past with the present, add value to visitor experiences, and ensure inspiring stories remain accessible and available to all.

Fitzpatrick Woolmer’s historical signage catalogue includes a number of custom-designed signs and models, from immersive interpretive signs to simple plaques and image-rich lecterns that display information, maps, and graphics.

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Featured Historic and Interpretive Signage Models

Below, we have summarised the features of some of our high-demand historic signage models used as interpretive signs in protected, listed and noteworthy sites and grounds around the UK:

  • Grenadier Lectern: An elegant lectern produced in hardwood oak and stainless steel with tamper-proof fixings and a preservative finish, ideal for outdoor spaces and entrances. This model has a sturdy timber post and strategically angled interpretation panel for visitor access.
  • Eastbury Low-Level Lectern: This lectern is suited to historical sites and monuments. Its lower profile, with a natural oak finish, makes the graphic panel accessible to all visitors, including those using wheelchairs, buggies, and mobility aids.
  • Cavalier Interpretation Display: A display board with a heritage design and stainless steel materials that make it perfect for parklands, lakes, and reservoirs with histories to share. It is manufactured in on-brand colours and has variable display panel sizing.
  • Enigma Interpretation Display: A contemporary, single or double-sided finish ensures this interpretation display is immediately noticeable, with a full-length profile to include information, directions, graphics and histories relevant to your site or location.
  • Metal Wallmounting Interpretation Signage: Our stainless steel wall-mounted interpretation display is engineered for sites of historical importance that want a seamless, discreet signage solution with ample capacity to add background information to enrich visitor experiences.

Should you require further information, the above-linked pages provide full product specifications, production time frames, and customisation options.

Professionally Manufactured Historical Signage

Many historic sites need to strike a balance between being informative and useful yet respectful of the delicatesombre nature of historical locations, including museums, commemorative statues, and memorials that remember people from all walks of life.

They may also need to appeal to broad visitor demographics, ensuring that visitors to sites and attractions such as historic landmarks, railway lines, property estates and gardens are engaged and appreciate the relevance and importance of the history of the place they are visiting.

We provide end-to-end assistance, ensuring your signage is suited to your visitors’ expectations, offering streamlined wayfinding, and encouraging visitors to stop, read, and digest the information shown or access QR codes or links displayed to follow maps, walking routes and specific places of interest.

You may also need to consider the materials and style of your historic signage, whether opting for the classic, recognisable blue used within building plaques, choosing an on-brand modern signage display, or matching the aesthetic and finish of your signs to the local area or setting.

Models can be styled to reflect the period or age of a building or landscape to add to the atmosphere your signage conveys, using careful selection of colours, fonts, images and illustrationsoutlines to deliver a cohesive experience.

Our advice is to browse the featured historic signs above to better understand the diversity of materials and display panels we can produce, comparing signage models constructed from weather-resistant timbers, stainless steel, and recycled, eco-conscious plastic suited for indoor and outdoor displays.

Historical Signage From Fitzpatrick Woolmer

As specialist signage providers with decades of expertise, we work closely with clients, from borough councils to preservation societies, museum trustees and custodians of sites of historic importance to understand their objectives.

Historic signs may point to focal points or places, whereas interpretive signs educate and clarify the events or parts of the location that visitors may wish to explore. They might also convey other information, such as directions to the visitor centre and amenities, as part of a broader wayfinding strategy.

The right designs will often incorporate eye-catching colours and illustrations, which can convey a huge amount of information while avoiding blocks of text that can be difficult to absorb.

Each detail will impact the effectiveness of your signs, from the sizing of graphics, text and colour to the visibility of fonts and the mounting height of your signage. This can often be angled or positioned to ensure every visitor can access the information shown.

Advice and Support on Designing Historical Interpretive Signage

We regularly work with clients requiring customised signage for historic sites who prioritise sensitivity and respect for the surroundings without oversimplifying historical events or omitting important details about people, places, and the past.

An objective for many is to ensure that educational, historic signage is of the highest possible quality, will remain legible, and is appropriate for a site with historical relevance without being subject to weather damage, deliberate vandalism or wear and tear.

Timber treatments, weather-proof coatings, and tamper-resistant graphic panels are all excellent options and present good value for money. Signage displays and features will remain in pristine condition for years to come, even when positioned in outdoor spaces.

Our teams provide end-to-end assistance in-house, from initial signage selection to creative design. We create bespoke mapping and illustrations to bring the history of your site or attraction to life and immerse your visitors or site users in the stories or events that have come before.

If you have questions about the right historical or interpretation signs for your premises or would like to discuss the best way to display information in a compassionate and respectful manner, you are welcome to get in touch at any time.

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