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Fitzpatrick Woolmer produces a broad range of exceptional quality interpretation boards used in public spaces, outdoor attractions, visitor centres and commercial premises. We are often asked about interpretation board cost, which naturally depends on multiple variables.

Interpretation boards generally cost between £700 to £3,000 depending on the design, material and type of board required.

Today we’ll work through some interpretation board pricing indications and examples, explain the design, mapping and illustration graphic services that can add outstanding value, and outline the factors that will contribute to your overall interpretation board costs.

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Interpretation Board Cost Examples

Firstly we’ll look at examples from our range of interpretation boards based on previous examples.

Classic Interpretation Board Costs

Our Cavalier™ Interpretation Display is a traditional, timeless and weatherproof option, created from stainless steel and treated with a powder-coated finish for durability. This interpretation panel is one of the most highly requested designs for public spaces and venues linked to local heritage and history, including:

  • Parks and lakes
  • City centre green spaces
  • Walking routes

The Georgian styling complements railing and architecture found in many British parks, and the board features either a single or double-sided graphics panel to help visitors navigate the venue. Tamper-resistant fixings and a robust design ensure your signage is not vulnerable to theftdamage or vandalism.

Pricing varies depending on the sizing required and whether your display is single or dual-sided, but a fully customised interpretation board costs £2,488. It will last for years with the option of removing and updating the graphics panel should your layout or site information change.

Rural Interpretation Board Pricing

The Bowman™ C Interpretation Display is ideal for outdoor and rural centres, such as nature reserves, forests and woodlands, reservoirs, coastal walks and countryside parks, with a tough hardwood oak construction that looks natural and organic in any environment.

This interpretation board is produced with a preservative finish for longevity. It can be finished in an original oak or more contemporary shade, with a higher height profile that ensures the signage is visible even at a distance.

We often recommend the Bowman™ display for venues that require clear, helpful and understandable signage, particularly in reserves or country parks where staff may not be available to assist.

Clients can order this high-quality interpretation display for £1,068 with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty included as standard. Optional additions that may alter the pricing include adding header and footer boards, adjusting the size of the signage, or upgrading from a single to a double-sided display.

Costings for a Recycled Plastic Interpretation Lectern

Sustainability and durability are important in all outdoor signage designs. Our cost-effective and high-performance Musketeer™ Lectern is a fantastic solution if you wish to install signage boards made from an environmentally friendly recycled material.

The display is subtle and discreet and doesn’t detract from the flora and fauna around it. The slimline dimensions mean you can install your lectern along footpaths, narrow lanes, or alongside features of historical importance.

This signage model is perfect for site managers and owners who wish to enhance the visitor experience by providing context, insights and information but need a solution that will not impose on the landscape or jar against natural features.

An angled signage board is accessible to all, with a height that means children can read the display, identify the images, or even practise their orienteering skills by following mappedcreative mapping routes. The lectern is also suited to wheelchair and mobility device users.

At £730, the Musketeer™ Lectern offers excellent value, and with tamper-resistant fittings and a wood-effect finish, it is 100% recyclable and zero-maintenance.

Cost Factors for interpretation boards – a summary

As you’ll see from the examples above, interpretation board costs are largely influenced by:

  1. The material – the stainless steel options are generally more expensive than the recycled plastic or oak options.
  2. The warranty – reputable sign makes will provide some sort of warranty for the work completed. This can affect the price
  3. The type of board – will you opt for a lectern or do you want an upright freestanding display? Displays are often larger, hence the additional cost element.

Choosing the Right Interpretation Board for Your Budget

We appreciate that every company, organisation or conservation preservation group must adhere to a budget and can provide advice if you would like to incorporate signage into your site while remaining within your acceptable cost margins.

Fitzpatrick Woolmer interpretation boards come in various styles, sizes, materials and finishes, and we can discuss your objectives and target visitor demographic to suggest the right options.

Our Interpretation Board Design and Illustration Services

Fitzpatrick Woolmer has years of experience working with clients from every sector and can offer the following:

  • Beautiful illustrations, which are easier for every visitor to interact with than signage comprising only text. Graphics are immersive and can depict wildlife, focal points within the landscape, specific places of interest and landmarks your visitors may wish to see.
  • Creative mapping injects life and energy into simple maps and outlines, using colour, shapes and symbols to help showcase the key places within your grounds, such as WCs, cafes, facilities, help points, photo spots, reception desks and anything else that may be applicable.
  • Comprehensive interpretation panel design, capturing the messaging, ideas, themes, aesthetics and style you’d like your visitors to associate with your site. Full-colour panels feature professional design attributes that educate, enthuse and explain.

A well-designed interpretation board is suitable for any setting, whether to make your venue engaging for all age groups, portray a professional, inclusive environment, or highlight your branding and business ethos.

You are welcome to review past projects from our extensive gallery or contact us for more information about our signage design and creative services.

We hope this guide has illustrated some of the typical costs of our popular interpretation board models and explains some of the variables that are important to consider.

Our teams provide a full service, from initial design consultations to full illustration, customised production and on-site installation. Please submit an enquiry through our convenient form or call us at your convenience if you would like additional information.

Mark Woolmer

Mark Woolmer

With a strong background in art and design, Mark is passionate about the capacity for excellent design as a communication tool, leading the Fitzpatrick Woolmer company and focusing on strategy, business development and continual improvement.

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