Sometimes a stationary sign just won’t do the job – perhaps you need to move signage indoors at night, or shift its location regularly due to seasonal factors or changing events. We have the solution for you with our easily portable, highly resilient mobile display units, great for everything from historic houses to museums, theme parks to zoos and anything in between.

Mobile signs give businesses the ability to move their messaging to where it works best as well as meeting practical requirements. Perhaps you need to move signage between indoors and outdoors, or alter its location regularly because of changing events. Our easily portable, durable mobile signs and freestanding display boards make moving your signage around easy.

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From directional signs to pin boards and lecterns, our mobile signs provide complete flexibility. No matter what you choose, you can be sure you will receive a high quality product that is attractive to visitors and meets the flexible needs of your business.

Perfect for public attractions such as museums or zoos, for example, our range of mobile signs let you take them wherever they’re needed.

Buying freestanding display boards

When selecting your mobile signage you should first consider the functionality and placement of your sign to ensure that your chosen design will meet your needs. Whether you are looking for a portable outdoor sign, something more suited to indoors, or something that works in both environments, we understand that your needs may change throughout the year. With seasonal events and promotions perhaps changing daily, weekly and monthly, we offer a range of mobile display boards that will help you get your message across wherever it’s needed.

If you’re looking for something even more versatile, our mobile pin boards give you complete flexibility with your freestanding display, allowing you to add and remove information as needed.

No matter where you want to put your mobile sign, our signs are manufactured to be highly resilient and are designed to withstand both weathering and persistent movement between locations. Regardless of your environment, our range of freestanding sign boards ensures you’re able to find a solution that complements its surroundings whilst informing visitors effectively.

Ordering a mobile sign for your business or attraction

Ordering a mobile sign or portable display board from Fitzpatrick Woolmer is a simple and straightforward process. Whether you have a design in mind, or would like our team of designers to create something for you, simply get in touch with your requirements and we’ll contact you with a quote.

We aim to have your mobile signage delivered within 8 weeks, though this will depend on the complexity and level of customisation required for your design. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and the care that goes into each of our designs, things that can only be achieved with time and diligence.

All of our mobile signs come with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. For more information about our freestanding signage boards please get in touch on 01634 711 771 to discuss in more detail.