At Fitzpatrick Woolmer we manufacture and install robust monolith signs (also called wayfinding totem signs) of the highest quality. With full-colour graphic finishes available, our monoliths are perfectly suited to both urban and rural environments. Whether you like the look of our existing product range, or are looking for something more custom, our team are happy to discuss how we can bring your ideal totem sign to life.

From robust stainless steel monoliths to rustic timber totems, we have a welcome and wayfinding solution to suit your project. Choose from our standard product range or get a custom-made sign to your requirements Our monolith signs can be finished with full-colour printed, etched or engraved graphics. Modern, contemporary totem signs can sit comfortably in any environment, from town and city centres to country parks and visitor attractions.


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What is a wayfinding totem or monolith sign?

Monoliths and totem signs can be used both internally and externally for a number of purposes. If you’re looking to reinforce your branding, provide navigational direction to visitors, or advertise your business, totem signs are ideal for these uses. Versatile and flexible, our monolith and totem signs are made to fit their environment, but distinctive and diverse enough to stand out for your visitors.

Totems and monolith signs are versatile, hard-wearing and uniquely customisable freestanding, vertical signage displays that can provide impactful messaging, wayfinding and visitor directions in a broad array of settings.

The vertical profile and visibility of a totem or monolith is an excellent way to enhance your visitor experience, ensure your business, site, or area is welcoming and accessible, and provide equally informative guidance for passenger vehicles and pedestrians.

Regardless of the shape, material, size or colour you’re looking for, Fitzpatrick Woolmer can create the perfect monolith and totem signage solution for you to give your company the sign that it needs.

One example of our professional craftsmanship is the Enigma™ Monolith, combining stainless steel with printed aluminium n-Viro™ trays. This totem sign is vandal resistant and has the added option of a notice board poster display for eye-catching maps or images. Like all our signs, the Enigma™ Monolith is manufactured bespoke to each order, offering businesses options to customise their signs.

Each of our products is supported by a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty, ensuring impeccable quality and resistance against adverse weather conditions.

What are the Benefits of Totems and Monoliths?

Monolith and totem signs are popular features in entranceway signage, roadway directional signs or wayfinding signs, with an enhanced signage volume. Ordering a totem or monolith sign from Fitzpatrick Woolmer assures you of the following:

  • Fantastic visibility and informative signage from any distance.
  • Single or double-sided signage for clear displays and maximum signage space.
  • Durable, secure and weatherproof signage that will remain in pristine condition.
  • A wide array of sizing and design options to incorporate shapes, styles and formats.
  • Vandal and tamper-proof fixings with removable graphics panels for security and adaptability.

Professionally designed and constructed monoliths and totems are fantastic additions to any commercial centre, education facility, healthcare site or visitor attraction, with a wealth of signage space and customisation to reflect the key information you wish to communicate.

Popular Applications for Monolith or Totem Signage

The variety of finishes, materials and designs possible through totem or monolith signage make this option well-suited to a diverse range of sites and applications.

Among our recent projects, Fitzpatrick Woolmer has created custom signage in a totem or monolith style for town centres, public parks, memorial gardens, village and city councils, schools, colleges and universities, aviation centres, harbours, nature reserves, sports facilities, and many other clients.

Contrasting materials, colours and the height of a monolith or totem sign are also ideal for hospitals and health centres, complexes with multiple buildings or departments, and business parks, where visitor experiences can be fundamental to the sense of professionalism they receive when entering an area that is complex to navigate without well-designed directional signage.

Regardless of whether totems are used for wayfinding in bustling city centres, tourist signs for major attractions, or an informative road sign for potential visitors, all customers have the option to select their preferences for the finish, material, colour and content. For an internal monolith, an informational totem can be created with either one or two sides, maximizing the benefit to visitors.

All of our commercial signage has varying costs. Please take a look at our guide to commercial signage costs for further information.

Custom monolith signs and totems

We recognise that standard signage will not always be fit for your purpose. This is why Fitzpatrick Woolmer offers customers the opportunity to customise their totem signage designs in line with their requirements. Totem signage can be made single or double-sided, with varying heights and widths. Content can be cast or laser cut, etched or printed depending on your tastes.

Whether you’re looking to colour your sign identical to company branding, display simple or complex content, or consist of a different material to suit your environment, your monolith sign will usually be delivered to you within 8 weeks of ordering. Our efficient production system allows for quick turnarounds between order, design and delivery, allowing you to start using your sign and reaping the benefits as soon as possible.

Totem and monolith installation

Not only do we manufacture your monolith and totem signage to an exceptionally high standard, we also offer a fully comprehensive signage installation service for your convenience. There are a multitude of options for you to choose from including simple installations, or more complex on-site builds, diamond drilling for accurate placement and landscaping to perfect your monolith’s appearance.

Fitzpatrick Woolmer have experience in producing outdoor signage for clients within a number of sectors, including zoo signs, school signs, museum signs, university signs and park signs.  If you believe that we are the ideal monolith sign manufacturer for you, contact us to discuss your vision with our craftsmen and designers.

Order a totem or monolith for your business or attraction

If you’d like to order one of our expertly made signs, simply select the design you’d like and submit an enquiry.

We’ll then request any additional information we need relevant to your project and return a quote especially for you. Our tradesmen will then begin work on your sign and arrange a delivery date.

Submit an enquiry today using our get in touch form, or alternatively use our contact page and call our sales specialists on 01634 711 771 to see how we can create your dream sign.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Fitzpatrick Woolmer Provide Totem Signage Designs?

Our inclusive and comprehensive signage production services include design and print, illustration, creative mapping and consultations, providing you with the breadth of our expertise across your signage projects.

Whether you’d like advice about the right colourways to maximise engagement, wish to improve visitor signage accessibility, or are keen to incorporate tailored maps, graphics, images, or logos, our signage designers are on hand to assist.

We can even offer complete site surveys and installation, taking over the scope of your totem or monolith signage projects end-to-end.

Which Monolith Signage Is Right for My Site?

Monoliths and totems are freestanding signage models that deliver prominence and versatility in designs suited to countless sites, compounds, facilities and business zones.

The right options for your site will depend on varied factors such as the information you wish to convey, the volume and demographic of your visitors, and exposure to the elements which may impact the finishes and materials we recommend.

Durability and security are important aspects of all totem and monolith signage, ensuring your signs are protected from tampering and vandalism, with varied options from stainless steel to reinforced timber.

Fitzpatrick Woolmer is always happy to offer obligation-free suggestions to ensure you get the best from whichever signage you select.

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