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Outdoor Park Furniture

Fitzpatrick Woolmer is a leading park furniture supplier to councils, conservation trusts, heritage attractions and landscapers throughout the UK. We recognise the importance of improving the appearance of outdoor spaces to benefit the community, whilst providing rugged materials that will survive adverse weather conditions and anti-social behaviour. We offer a range of outdoor furniture such as benches for public use.

Fitzpatrick Woolmer understands that outdoor park furniture is a necessity to improve the cleanliness of the area and comfort of your visitors, and by giving careful thought to the design and aesthetic of a piece of furniture, we can add value by creating a product that perfectly compliments the space and community it is in.

We can customise bespoke furniture to your specification. So whether you’re looking for a simple design or a standout piece to give your space more character, we can provide you with the perfect design.


Our benches have been ergonomically designed to afford maximum comfort to users. One example is our Verdyn benches made from hardwood green oak with no visible fixings for a seamless look. Optional extras include engraved text, plaques and ground fixing kits. The products above, like all park furniture in our range, come with a one year guarantee to ensure our customers are 100% satisfied with our products.

Buying Park Furniture

When buying any piece of public furniture, you need to feel confident that you choose products that will match the environment and be built to withstand the expected wear and tear of the outdoors. This is to ensure the health, safety, and wellbeing of all your visitors. Therefore, purchasing benches of a high standard is essential for your business or public space. Fitzpatrick Woolmer understands this, and we only provide the highest quality materials that are fit for purpose and offer the best value for money. We not only work with local councils and landscapers to design the perfect area but also with commercial organisations who intend to refurbish their outdoor business space. If you have a particular concept in mind, our passionate team will work with you to design a product suitable for your requirements but also within your budget constraints. We offer individual consultations for every business or organisation, no matter the project size. We’re happy to offer recommendations, taking into consideration your vision for the space and what would benefit your visitors most.

Manufacturers of Customised Public Furniture

No customer has the same needs, so we’re committed to creating bespoke solutions to suit your preferences. Purchasers of our park furniture can select one of several quality materials including wood or metal, the colour to match organisational branding or to blend with the external environment, and also the size. Whether you’re furnishing an outdoor park, nature trail, business exterior or public garden, we’d be delighted to help. Engraving company names, messages, maps, and images are also optional for our benches. Our craftsmen are committed to helping you achieve the desired aesthetic for your space, so don’t hesitate to share your ideas with us.

Installation of Park Furniture

If your business is concerned with finding the resources to install your outdoor furniture, we also offer a first-class delivery and installation service to all our customers. Installing our products, particularly on a large scale can be complex and time-consuming. This is why our experienced delivery and installation team have the necessary skills to efficiently and safely complete your project with minimum disruption to your area. For the safety of your visitors, your new equipment must be installed accurately and securely, so if you’re uncertain, our accomplished experts will be on hand to assist you. We also offer additional services such as landscaping, should the area need any finishing touches.

How to Order Furniture for Your Outdoor Space

If you wish to enquire about our exceptional designs, or would like to consult with us about your needs for a park furniture manufacturer, you can get in touch or submit an enquiry. A member of our specialist team will contact you promptly. For more information on our products, select the design you’re interested in and fill out the online form for no obligation guidance concerning our products. If you’re upgrading your space, we also provide unique signage in a multitude of designs to suit your business. Find out more by visiting our bespoke signage section. If you would like any more information on any of our products or would like to enquire about an order, contact our team today on 01634 711771 who would be more than happy to help.