Most commonly used to restrict or prevent certain actions, prohibition signs or prohibition discs, are a form of health and safety signage. While larger types of health and safety signs are commonly used on roads and streets, there are variations which are more suitable for indoor and outdoor use, for example along footpaths or in parks.

Prohibition signs are typically designed with a white background, featuring a black image or text placed in front of the white. This image is then encircled in a broad, bright red circle with a line across it to signify that the depicted action is prohibited. Most prohibition signs are required to feature bold colours for optimum visibility.

Fitzpatrick Woolmer offers an extensive range of prohibition safety signs for long-lasting indoor and outdoor use.
Take a look below to view the variety of prohibition discs we offer.

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Prohibition Safety Signs

When choosing your prohibition signs, it is important that you are aware of the potential behaviours or actions which can pose a risk to visitors at the location of your business, organisation, attraction or public area.

By installing prohibitions signs clearly across your premises, you can alert any staff or visitors to the potential risks to health and safety while discouraging illegal or dangerous behaviour.

The Fitzpatrick Woolmer range of prohibition safety signs include necessities such as the no access prohibition disc, no fires prohibition disc, no littering prohibition disc and the clean up after your dog disc.

The correct installation of such discs can help ensure that visitors respect your location’s rules, therefore allowing everyone’s experience to be safe and enjoyable.

Our prohibition signs are exclusively available in 75mm circular discs and are digitally printed in the regulation colours of black, red and white. All individual designs are sold in packs of 10. All prohibition safety signs are reinforced with a 3mm thick Foamex base which can be easily installed through the two fixing holes on either side of the discs.

Custom Prohibition Signs

Looking to design your own custom prohibition sign?
Fitzpatrick Woolmer offers design services to help clients customise their own prohibition safety signs. Our team will listen and collaborate with you to create a prohibition disc that is tailored to your unique needs.

If you would like to order prohibitions signs, incorporate your own design into an existing prohibition sign or would like to create a whole new product, please use our contact form or call us on 01634 711 771 to speak to our friendly team.