Broadwater Park, Waverley Borough Council


Broadwater Park is located south of Guildford in Godalming and is open all year round. The park covers 73 acres of grassland which is complimented by a large ornamental lake that you can walk round. The park includes an enclosed play area, Multi-Use Games Area, football and cricket pitches, and tennis courts.

Every park is in need of litter bins and benches, but there are occasions when something special would be more appropriate. A simple resting point can become a tribute to a notable person or event, a picnic table can be stylised to make reference to its surroundings.

Broadwater Park has many litter bins and park benches, but a particular area had been identified that would benefit from a suite of park furniture that was a little more eye-catching.

Combining our robust oak park furniture with our ability to permanently engrave text and images we developed a unique memorial bench and complimentary litters bins and benches, managing the project through to final installation.

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