Fort Amherst, Coleman & James


So what was so special about the service we provided to Coleman & James for Fort Amherst, apart from the amazing quality signage! Time, well lack of it to be precise. The beauty of this project is that it could call upon many of our standard products at standard sizes. From Enigma™ monoliths, to Chelmer lecterns and contemporary fingerposts, a total of 18 signs were manufactured from hard wearing stainless steel and delivered in just 4 weeks.

Artwork was supplied by MeiLoci Landscape Architects and was faithfully reproduced as high resolution n-viro™ prints, with a 10 year guarantee against fading and excellent graffiti and scratch resistance.

Colours from the Fort Amherst brand were recreated in powdercoated parts and printed graphics, resulting in a complimentary signage and wayfinding scheme that underpinned the Command of the Heights project.

We have many standard products in stock at standard sizes. It’s always worth consulting with us at an early stage for maximum cost efficiency and time saving by specifying tried and tested products that are robust and readily available.

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