Petersham Common, Petersham Common Conservators


Petersham Common is an important wildlife corridor linking Richmond Park with the River Thames. It is owned by Richmond Council and managed by the Petersham Common Conservators.

To welcome visitors to the Common and to aid orientation, the Petersham Common Conservators commissioned Fitzpatrick Woolmer to produce a detailed map of the site with You Are Here markers for each board location.

The map was presented at key locations throughout the Common in wheelchair accessible interpretive lecterns from our Oak Musketeer™ range. Graphics included polite prohibition symbols to control visitor behaviour and a brief history of the Common.

Full colour n-viro™ prints were used throughout the scheme and are perfect for outdoor interpretation and orientation panels, offering a 10 year guarantee against fading and finished in a hard wearing anti-graffiti coating.

Additional features included Oak notice boards from our Bowman™ range, allowing posters to be displayed and changed when required. All signs were installed with metal ground shoes, reducing contact with the ground and increasing the life expectancy of the signs.

Badging signs from our Woodsman™ range completed the signage suite, featuring permanently engraved lettering and welcoming visitors to the Common.

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