Studio Way, Hertsmere Borough Council


Studio Way Woodland is situated in Elstree and Borehamwood, Hertfordshire and is the former location of Elstree Studios a.k.a MGM Studios. The woodland area is now full of natural habitats and a mix of mature oak trees (some of which have made cameo appearances in the background of famous films) runs through the woodlands. There are reminders all around the area of the former studios, with the local roads being named after the stars – such as Balcon Way after film producer, Sir Michael Balcon and Grace Close after Oscar winning film star Grace Kelly.

Interpretation is not just about the written word or engaging illustrations. The essence of a place can be captured and communicated through other means, such as physical installations, sights and sounds.

Studio Way is at the heart of the British film industry in Borehamwood and our brief was not just to convey this through engaging interpretation panels, but somehow incorporate the theme into the look of the displays themselves.

We designed a package of interpretation displaysentrance signswaymarking posts and floor plaque signage that brought to life the heritage of Borehamwood, acting as a permanent reminder of the many classic shows and films that were conceived here and loved by many.

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