Walpole Park, London Borough Of Ealing


Walpole Park is located at the edge of Ealing Broadway and dates back to 1800, it was handed over to the public in 1901. It is the most used park in the borough and hosts the Ealing Summer Festival. With Pitzhanger Manor House and Gallery, Spencer’s Café, a playground and two ponds the park is thriving with life; with lots to do and see.

Michael Horsham of Tomato Studio had been commissioned by Ealing Council to develop a wayfinding scheme for Walpole Park and approached us to help develop his concepts. He was inspired by the dimensional stability of Accoya and wanted to develop a layered sign system, interleafing wood and metal features.

Accoya is a specially treated timber that offers a 25 – 50 year guarantee against rot and unlike traditional timbers does not expand or contract, maintaining the structural integrity of the display.

Michael knew exactly how he wanted his displays to look, with alternating layers of Accoya blocks and stainless steel, but didn’t know how best to construct the totem signs. Our experience in metal and timber fabrication allowed is to create a stainless steel sub frame that supported all components, locking them together and giving them the appearance of a single block of wood.

The finished simplicity of the display disguises the complexity of its construction, but that is the beauty of good design.

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