Smart phone interpretation, City-Insights


City Signage Schemes Working With Mobile Internet


City-Insights provides an exciting new service of to-mobile internet information straight to your smartphone. Visitors can explore multimedia heritage and archive material on the streets using an innovative ‘app-free’ mobile website.

Eye-catching street signage invites visitors to open the website on their phones using a QR code. This takes them to a great range of multimedia content – film, slideshows, audio and pictures - about the very spot where they’re standing. The gap between past and present disappears.

Imagine standing looking down the High Street of an historic town. Instead of modern shops and cars, your phone is showing film of a civic procession in the same street sixty years ago. Or looking out over an open patch of grass - listening to the memories of a woman who nursed dying soldiers there during World War One.

Project Motivation

Having successfully won tenders in Newport and Poole requiring technology based mobile trails and interpretation, City-Insights needed a series of signs to attract visitors and encourage them to access the trail information.

Both sites were uniquely different in character and required a slightly different approach to how this information would be displayed. Poole was very much interested in using existing street signage and wanted to avoid additional ground works, whereas Newport were happy to have a combination of new signs and attachments to existing furniture.

The signs needed to be practical, safe and eye catching, and built to last.


Utilising existing fingerposts, it was necessary in Poole to completely refurbish the existing signs and create bespoke 3 sided displays that could be fixed at a pre-determined height.

The posts were completely disassembled allowing us to sleeve over post coverings and fix the graphic panels in place. Full colour n-viro™ prints were used on all 3 faces, ensuring good lightfastness and vandal resistance of the printed graphic panels.

Additional fingerposts were manufactured to complement the existing scheme, where it was considered further trail information would be useful.

Newport opted for our standard Lancer™ displays. Manufactured from stainless steel with a full colour n- viro™ graphic panel, this contemporary design suited the location, and a sliver powdercoat finish complemented other street furniture.

Fitzpatrick Woolmer bespoke sign manufacturers undertook all site survey and installation work, to draw both projects to a successful conclusion.

Bruce Grant-Braham, Chairman of Poole Tourism, was also positive about the use of mobile websites for the town. “The strategic aim for Poole Tourism is to give tourists not only somewhere to stay, not only somewhere to eat, but also something to do while they are here, and the Poole Trail will be tremendous for that, to bring them to the history.”

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