Church Signage, St. Peters Church


Encouraging a Sense of The Sacred...


St Peter’s is the ancient parish church of St Albans and is located close to the hub of the historic city centre, bustling shops and market. It is a much respected and appreciated jewel in this busy city centre and boasts a churchyard, contemplation garden, orchard and wildflower area.

Project Motivation

St Peter’s is in a very visible position and many locals and visitors are interested to pop in or to stroll through the leafy churchyard. Our client was keen to develop interpretation of the site explaining its rich history, abundant flora and fauna, as well as encouraging a sense of the sacred.

Through engaging design and the development of a branding scheme, the objective was to produce a number of interpretation panels, entrance signs and notice boards that were a break from the norm and had a more contemporary feel, appealing both to existing parishioners whilst portraying a fresher identity to attract new visitors. 

Project Solutions

We established that clear communication would rely on a consistent identity being developed for the church. A design style was agreed for this project that was then adopted by the church to be used in all future communications.

We then set about designing a number of interpretation panels to be displayed around the churchyard. As with many projects there’s often too much information and so the solution was to include QR codes within the design. This gives visitors quick and easy access to the client’s website using their smartphone, where further information about St. Peter’s can be obtained.

For the interpretation displays our standard Musketeer™ stainless steel lectern proved to be the best choice as it combines accessibility with durability. Musketeer™ lecterns also have the added benefit of allowing the graphic panel to be updated as and when required without the need to supply a whole new unit.

To further welcome visitors we designed and manufactured two custom entrance signs as well as supplying wall-mounted notice boards in which the client could display regularly updated information. As an added value service we undertook direct communications with our clients local planning office, in order to clarify our fabrication techniques and to ensure full compliance with regulations.

Printed Graphic Panels

The printed graphic panels were our own n-viro™ product . Using lightfast inks and state-of-the-art technology n-viro™ offers unrivalled levels of clarity and durability. Its anti-graffiti coating will stand up to the long term effects of vandalism, whilst offering protection against tree sap and bird droppings; making it the ideal choice for this environment.

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We carried out pre-installation surveys and undertook all the installation works using in-house staff. This enabled us to quickly deliver and install all units with minimal disruption to the church, it’s visitors and the general public.