Caernarfon Castle and Town, Gwynedd Council



Managed and maintained by Gwynedd Council, Caernarfon is home to possibly the most famous of Wales's castles. Established in 1283, Caernarfon was constructed not only as a military stronghold but also as a seat of government and royal palace.

A famous and historic place – Caernarfon is credited with bringing history to life and is home to the Regimental Museum of the Royal Welsh Fusiliers, Wales's oldest regiment.

Project Motivation

To safeguard the future of the town centre, Gwynedd Council were looking to work with a creative sign and design company in the design and implementation of a new Caernarfon Signage and Orientation Strategy. The aim of the strategy would be to strengthen links between a multi-million pound commercial development on the edge of town, the town centre and the Victoria Dock quarter. The project would involve the design, production and erection of a combination of signage infrastructure, including directional fingerposts, information panels, and lockable information cabinets. The chosen solution would need to combine historic heritage with modern yet functional design, to successfully forge the desired linkages.


After comprehensive consultation with the client Fitzpatrick Woolmer proposed a signage and orientation strategy in-line with Gwynedd Council’s objectives for the town and its visitors. The physical solution delivered, involved a range of signage displays and interpretive panels including: single and double-sided information displays, combination units and locking notice boards, all incorporating a mix of single and double-sided header boards. Fingerposts were designed with double- sided arms and custom finials were deployed throughout.

The final solution involved a full risk assessment, the removal of all existing signage and installation of the new set. Using their vast experience of similar large scale projects Fitzpatrick Woolmer were able to quickly grasp the scope of the project and deliver a high quality solution whilst maintaining excellent service levels.