Hardwick Hall, National Trust



The Hardwick Hall project involved a range of signage including welcome signs and navigational signs, interpretive lecterns and directional signage, temporary information signs and A boards.

Manufactured from FSC certified semi-seasoned and green oak, with a full colour graphic panel, the signs made an impressive statement. All fittings were stainless steel and plugged so there were no visible fixings and no fear of corrosion. 

Using our in-house CNC router we engraved the National Trust logo and bands into the posts. To help maintain continuity and branding each unit was backed with a powder-coated aluminium panel to match the corporate palette.

For an extra flourish the lecterns had a deep routed recess and stainless steel bar fitted into the posts to dispense leaflets for visitors.

In addition to permanent signs there was also a need for updateable entrance signs, allowing opening times and prices to be changed. To achieve this we printed additional panels, with threaded inserts placed into the existing displays and security screws to secure the alternate panels to the face; updating the information couldn’t be simpler.

August 2013