Water Safety Signage, Canterbury City Council


Improving Safety Around Kent’s Coasts

In the event of an incident it is vital that people are able to give their exact location to the emergency services. Water safety signs help visitors become aware of the hazards when interacting with the water, and we were excited to be involved with making Kent’s coasts safer for the public.

Canterbury City Council requested a series of water safety signs which we put together and installed along the South East coast of Kent.

Pristine, clear and easy to read signage is key to improving the overall visitor experience. The durable oak posts not only hold the panels in place, but after many years they will still remain strong, even after withstanding intense weather conditions.  This means that whatever the weather the public are able to clearly and easily read the information provided, which improves safety along the coast.

Now everyone visiting the coast can learn about the dangers of the water and be aware of what to do in an emergency, making for a safer overall visitor experience.