Cyfarthfa Leat, Merthyr Tydfil County Council


Restoring the History of Cyfarthfa Leat

Cyfarthfa Leat is a historical watercourse which runs from the banks of the Taf Fechan Gorge to Cyfarthfa Lake. Merthyr Tydfil Council was eager to restore this historic gem to its former glory and improve the site's accessibility for visitors and locals alike.

With its rich heritage and beautiful backdrop, it's no surprise that Cyfarthfa Leat attracts many tourists. To make the site's features more apparent and to aid visitor navigation, we produced fingerposts, interpretation lecterns and 3D maps. Our wayfinding scheme offers the perfect balance of durability, functionality and design and the public can now make the most of their day and find landmarks with ease, making for a memorable and enjoyable outing.

Engaging interpretation is an excellent way to bring information to life and capture the visitor's imagination. We produced a series of lecterns with interpretation panels made from our own n-viro™ product. It boasts crisp text and clear images (Request a sample) making the interpretation easy to read. Our durable and long lasting interpretation displays will have an impact on visitors for many years to come.

A warm and friendly greeting is an excellent way to give visitors a good first impression of a site. Hard wearing plaques made from our n-viro™ panels (Request a sample) were provided to welcome the public into Cyfarthfa's Lakeside Gardens making them feel appreciated and at ease.

Lyndsey Handley, Cyfarthfa Environment & Heritage Projects Manager, was thrilled with the results, she said: "As usual, the service provided by Fitzpatrick Woolmer was excellent. Fitzpatrick Woolmer's reliability meant we were confident they would reach our tight deadline to a quality standard and even with bespoke elements." Lyndsey added that within the first four months since the signage scheme was launched, an estimated 8,500 visitors have come to the site and the public's feedback of the new signage has been well received.