St. David’s Bishop Palace, Hotrod


Revealing the History of St. David’s Bishop Palace

It’s amazing to think that St David’s Bishop Palace has been standing for 1500 years. The stunning structure, which was once a medieval monastery, is rich in history and our interpretive partners Hotrod Creations were keen to share the site’s fascinating story with visitors. The Grade 1 listed building has a lot to offer - from lavish architecture to interesting stories - and we were thrilled to be involved with enhancing the visitor experience at this awe-inspiring attraction.

What better way to engage and communicate with the public than with inspiring audio lecterns and an innovative interactive book? We produced six lecterns with English and Welsh speaking audio boxes. Listening to a chirpy character from the era creates a sense of atmosphere and visitors will feel like they’ve been transported back in time. This is an enjoyable and fun experience everyone can take away with them.

Interpretation lecterns which integrate perfectly into their historical surroundings are an excellent way to create a sense of place for the visitor. We produced lectern panels which subtly echoed the authentic shape of the Palace’s archways and tied harmoniously in with the medieval period.  

People who regularly visit tourist attractions have seen the same type of interpretation used time and again, which is why it’s so important to capture their interest and stimulate their imagination like never before. We took engaging with the visitor one dimension further by producing an interactive metal book which highlights the fascinating restoration process of St David’s Palace. People of all ages love how the book engrosses you in the story, takes you on a journey and brings the information to life. It’s an excellent and innovative way of educating visitors and engaging with them on different sensory levels. The public are intrigued by this rare and dynamic style of interpretation that combines touch, sound and visual elements making for a truly memorable experience.