Victoria Park, Erewash Borough Council



Victoria Park, situated in Ilkeston and managed by Erewash Borough Council, spans eight acres and was a gift to the people of the town from the Duke of Rutland to commemorate the 60th Anniversary of Queen Victoria’s accession to the throne in 1897.

Project Motivation

The largest and nearest park to the town centre and with a great deal of relatively unknown historic significance, Victoria Park is an important part of Ilkeston’s limited urban green space.

Considering the prevalence of the site Erewash Borough Council applied for a Green Flag award – something believed to not only drive essential regeneration, but also help to raise awareness of the site’s heritage and attract new visitors.

To establish the scope of work to achieve Green Flag status – Erewash Borough Council performed an audit of the park. Amongst other things, the results identified poor visitor communication, compounded by a severe lack of visitor signage.

Erewash Borough Council reviewed the market in search of a signage provider that would offer the best value solution in terms of both quality and price. The selected provider would need to demonstrate a proven track record and be able to produce signs in a traditional style. After in-depth research Fitzpatrick Woolmer were appointed.


The brief involved the provision of a superior quality, competitively priced signage solution, designed to complement the historic significance and heritage of the park, whilst robust enough to stand the test of time. Creative requirements involved establishing a design template for orientation panels, to comply with branding guidelines, as well as the production of a computer generated map to help navigate and orientate visitors.

Fitzpatrick Woolmer’s highly durable Cavalier™ range, made from powder coated stainless steel, is traditional in style complementing the site and its heritage perfectly. The proposed solution involved three single sided Cavalier™ displays with headers and footboards, four Cavalier™ fingerposts and one custom Cavalier™ style welcome sign.