Wat Tyler Country Park, Basildon Council


Signage Scheme for Wat Tyler Country Park


Wat Tyler Country Park lies within the South Essex Marshes, a landscape steeped in history, created over many centuries through the interaction of human communities and the natural environment.

Features of the Park’s landscape such as grazing meadows, ancient hedgerows, blast mounds, tidal waterways, sea walls and field boundaries; as well as structures such as pill boxes, roadways and MoD buildings all provide an insight into the history of the Park.

Project Motivation

UPM Tilhill, working on behalf of Basildon District Council and in conjunction with the Wat Tyler Project, intend to transform the Park, with its legacy of historic buildings and fascinating wildlife, into a centre of excellence and regional destination of choice for over 350,000 visitors each year.

Research undertaken as part of the Wat Tyler Project identified a lack of information for visitors - something new signage throughout would solve. Not only looking to raise awareness of the site’s rich wildlife and heritage - signage would need to help orientate visitors and be manufactured to the highest quality.


Working in consultation with both UPM Tilhill the appointed Landscape Contractor, and Allen Scott Associates the Landscape Architects, our skilled fabricators began work realising proposed signage ideas. The final solution involved bespoke welcome signs, fingerposts, lecterns and monoliths, manufactured in a mix of highly durable stainless steel and hardwood.