Sutton Windmill, Ashfield District Council


Sutton’s Secret Windmill Revealed

Not many people are aware that Sutton-in-Ashfield plays host to a hidden historic gem. Lindley’s Mill is a beautiful Georgian windmill, built in the 1820s by James Lindley. It replaced a post mill which was damaged by a gale two years prior. With no roof or sails, the windmill was an empty shell in need of repair.  

Fortunately, Ashfield District Council managed to secure Heritage Lottery funding to renovate the windmill and turn it into a local heritage centre. As part of the restoration project, the council were looking for new signage and interpretation to highlight the mill’s fascinating history. We assisted by providing an entrance sign, interpretation lectern and an authentice mill stone.  

To warmly greet visitors into the site, we produced an oak welcome sign which was designed to subtly replicate the sails of the windmill, creating a sense of place.  

To enlighten visitors on the history behind the secret windmill, we designed and manufactured an oak lectern to complement the welcome sign. The interpretation was displayed using our highly durable n-Viro™ printed panels, offering super crisp images and text for easy reading. N-viro™  is protected by a Duoguard™ coating to combat the effects of weathering and vandalism (request a sample). The interpretation will remain looking like new for many years to come, giving visitors a good impression of the area.  

What better way to engage and excite the public than through inspiring interactive interpretation. Sandblasted onto the grinding face of a beautiful, authentic mill stone are the words ‘Lindley’s Mill’. Visitors can now run their fingers over the smooth stone and imagine how it was once used to mill grain into flour.  

Sarah Daniel from Ashfield District Council was happy with the new signage and said: “We are pleased with the overall finished product Fitzpatrick Woolmer provided.”