Combe Valley Countryside Park, Hastings Borough Council


Welcoming Visitors to Combe Valley Countryside Park

Combe Valley Countryside Park is a beautiful open space which boasts picturesque walks and diverse wildlife. East Sussex County Council and Rother District Council commissioned Hastings Borough Council to refresh the park’s identity with a new logo and raise awareness of the country park. We provided Combe Valley Countryside Park with welcome signage, orientation signs and waymarking discs.

Hasting Borough Council was looking for a value for money signage scheme to welcome, educate and guide visitors around Combe Valley Countryside Park. Our hard wearing and robust aluminium signs offer an affordable and long-lasting signage solution which requires little maintenance and will look perfect and pristine in the park for many years to come.

Combe Valley Countryside Park is a Site of Special Scientific interest (SSSI) and the colourful graphics provided by Hasting Borough Council perfectly reflected this; the wildflower and dragonfly designs were beautifully brought out by our n-Viro™ panels (Request a Sample); they provide excellent clarity of colour, resulting in a dynamic and eye catching welcome display that is flameproof, graffiti-resistant and UV resilient.

What made this project unique was the way QR Codes were integrated into the design, allowing the public to waymark around the park by following a digital route on their phones. The QR Code was printed using our n-Viro™ process so it will always be displayed crispy and clearly for devices to scan.

Hasting Borough Council took advantage of our installation service which began with a site wide survey to meet health and safety regulations. The signs were assembled with strong security fixings to eliminate the risk of tampering and theft.