Fitzpatrick Woolmer provides a comprehensive range of recycled, sustainable plastic signs, each constructed with customised printing and installation. Outdoor recycled plastic signs are designed to resist the elements, providing maximum longevity. Upgrade older signage or create attractive, environmentally sound wayfinding for your premises or attraction. 

Signage, notice boards and lecterns are important features on public facilities, such as parks, visitor attractions, conservation areas and popular outdoor spaces, promoting visitor safety and sharing valuable information.

Our recycled plastic signage makes it possible for businesses to have great signage that gives visitors the key information needed, whilst being environmentally conscious. Available in a number of finishes, designs and materials, our signs provide excellent visitor experiences, with logo discs, display boards and route information as required. Browse our range of recycled plastic signage below.

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Recycled Wayfinding Signage

Many clients require waymarking posts and directional signage to allow users to navigate routes, such as cycling trails, walking pathways or bridleways. Clear, visible signs can quickly identify more challenging or hazardous courses or point visitors towards services or facilities.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and deliver recycled plastic signage with high-performance finishes that remain fully recyclable should you discontinue use or reconfigure your site.

Recycled Plastic Fingerpost Directional Signs

Fingerpost wayfinding signs are a simple, clear and stylish way to signpost visitors to facilities, buildings, sites or focal points in and around your buildings, complex or outdoor areas.

Our recycled plastic fingerposts are built from eco-friendly materials, with a contemporary wood effect finish – but one that requires zero maintenance and has long-lasting durability.

Fixed directional arms help to manage foot traffic and ensure your visitors can find their way quickly and efficiently, without any room for confusion, error or entry into restricted spaces or ‘staff only’ zones.

We incorporate engraved lettering in contrasting colours for visibility, with a one-year warranty as standard.

Freestanding Recycled Plastic Notice Boards

Notice boards are an opportunity for site managers to add interest to their properties, or convey essential safety information, providing key operational updates, advice and wayfinding information.

Freestanding notice boards can be used to display general information or updates on communal areas such as village greens and town commons or positioned outside kiosks and retail spaces to present pricing lists, opening hours and other information. View our village signs here.

Each of our recycled plastic notice boards incorporates several features to prevent tampering or damage:

  • Clear polycarbonate viewing window made from robust 4 mm thick glazing.
  • Ventilation holes to minimise condensation or dampness.
  • Stainless steel anti-tamper locks.
  • Graffiti-proof film applied over the window as an optional extra.

Our notice boards can be customised with a single or double door and with or without a header board, with a magnetic rear panel and magnets included to allow you to replace and update signage quickly and easily.

We produce customised notice board displays in standard sizes (A0, A1 and A2).

Twin Leg Recycled Plastic Lecterns

Plastic lecterns are a fantastic recycled signage option and an accessible display board that is suitable for wheelchair users, visitors with mobility aids or scooters, or children in pushchairs. Lecterns are used to display information or pictures about your attraction or site.

There are multiple applications, but plastic lecterns are often preferred in outdoor spaces such as period gardens, coastal walking routes or areas of outstanding natural beauty where users can spot rare and unusual species of native wildlife.

Our recycled lecterns are produced with a modern wood effect, and all materials are 100% recyclable for ongoing sustainability.

Lecterns do not require any maintenance and come with a range of features, such as:

  • Professional quality fixings resistant to tampering.
  • Removable graphic panels to update or change signage as required.
  • Tilted, accessible display at a low profile height.
  • Standard sizes range from A0 to A3.

We craft each recycled Musketeer® lectern with two legs, although, as always, we can adapt your lectern design to your specifications or requirements.

A durable, long-lasting finish and weatherproof casing protect your information, signs and maps while being environmentally friendly and providing highly visible displays.

Delivery times are often within four weeks, and our in-house printing team can produce the artwork or images for display in your lectern for an end-to-end service.

Ordering Sustainably Manufactured Recycled Plastic Signage and Display Boards

Our recycled plastic signage, waymarker posts and lecterns are found in a diverse array of places, from nature reserves to public parks, heritage visitor attractions to coastal walking zones, hiking and cycling routes to event spaces, and facilities such as campuses and outdoor attractions with large areas of land.

Choosing recycled plastic is an ideal way to showcase your commitment to sustainability and preserving the natural environment without hazardous chemicals or materials that could be detrimental to delicate ecosystems and plant life.

Each unit is built to order, and designed with impeccable attention to detail with weather-resistant properties to ensure your signage lasts for the years to come, provides a cost efficiency, and makes it easy for every visitor to navigate your site.

You can review more details about each of our recycled plastic signage models online or get in touch for further information about pricing or production times.

How to Order Recycled Plastic Signage

We endeavour to make the ordering and installation process seamless and can work with existing designs or collaborate to prepare layouts, fonts and imagery to represent your required information.

Most of our signage is ready for delivery within four to eight weeks, although we will advise if any more complex designs or customisations require slightly longer.

Each signage unit we construct is made to our exacting quality standards. We build recycled plastic signage designed to last, using skill and experience to ensure the finish, effect, and performance of your signage exceeds all expectations.

For a no-obligation quotation or more information about recycled plastic signage, please get in touch with our friendly team on 01634 711771 or submit an enquiry online, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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