Successful Signage Tips in a Post-Lockdown World

Mark Woolmer

We know we might be ever so slightly biased, but we think that signage is one of the most important aspects of any business. Whether you run a zoo, school, castle, conference venue or any type of business, signage is the key to success.

However, it’s not just any old signage that makes the difference. You need high quality, well-maintained and interactive signage. If you have successful signage, you’ll be a business powerhouse!

So the question is, how do you make successful signage in a post-lockdown world? Since the world has changed so dramatically in the past few years, we’ve put together our top business signage tips so that you can stand out from the crowd.

At Fitzpatrick Woolmer, we’re signage specialists so we know a thing or two about successful signage. So sit back, relax and enjoy our top 5 business signage tips!

Business Signage Tip One: The Most Successful Signage is Interactive

It’s no secret that the past couple of years have been challenging, and there has been a much higher demand for people to be stimulated, engaged and interacted with as a result. With lockdown after lockdown, we’ve been stuck inside and looking for ways to keep ourselves busy.

Now people are allowed to leave the house and return to a normal life, we’re still looking for new and interesting ways to fill our days and have a new appreciation for the outdoors. 

Due to Covid, signs for your business need to be even more engaging in design and context. This is to reduce the amount of interaction an individual has to have with another individual such as asking a member of staff for assistance. In some cases, staffing has been reduced so much that visitors are relying on signs for all the information they should need.  So, whether you’re a castle, heritage attraction, museum, school or a zoo, one of the biggest business signage tips we can offer is to ensure you have interactive and engaging signage!

What does this mean for you in practice? Successful signage for interactivity include interpretation boards and lecterns.

With interpretation boards, you can engage your visitors with their surroundings by adding a map and a ‘you are here’ section. Your visitors will use this signage to plan out their journey around your land and may even decide to do something or go somewhere they didn’t know about before! Of course, it is important to add locations for toilet access and cafe’s on site too!

As for lecterns, they’re a limitless opportunity for interactivity. Lecterns are the best way to get information across to your visitors so that they can learn facts, history and engage with what you’re showing them! Lecterns are especially great for engaging young children as you can add fun activities to them.

Business Signage Tip Two: Let your Signs Stand Out from the Crowd

If you want successful signage in a post-lockdown world then you need to make your signs stand out from the crowd, literally and metaphorically!

Firstly, your signs need to be clearly visible, simple and distinctive. If your signs literally get lost amongst the crowds or fade into the surroundings, they won’t be effective. As a result, your visitors may get lost, enter restricted areas, or generally have a sub-optimal experience.

So, what types of successful signage would be ideal for this? Fingerposts! Fingerposts stand heads and shoulders above visitors and are clearly distinctive, so they’ll never blend into the background. 

Secondly, successful signage also draws the attention of visitors. If they don’t stand out, they won’t be seen which means your customers won’t be happy. One of the best business signage tips we can offer you is to take care over the design, illustration, and overall look of your signage! If you make your visitor’s eyes go straight to your signs, they’ll become engaged and take in the information on them.

At Fitzpatrick Woolmer, we’re here to support you with all your signage needs which is why we also offer an illustration service. Get in touch with us with any questions and a member of our friendly team will be happy to help.

Business Signage Tip Three: Understand What Signage your Customers Need

You need to ask yourself this question: What do your customers need from your signage?

Our business signage tips will only work if you understand exactly what your customers are using your signs for. Successful signage needs to deliver according to your customers’ requirements.

Are they looking for directions? Do they want to find out information? Are they trying to understand something? Do they want to have fun?

Whether your customers want to learn, be directed, or have added interaction, you need to choose the best signage possible.

At Fitzpatrick Woolmer, we’re experts in all things signage related, so you can trust us when we say:

  • Use lecterns and plaques for information and to teach your customers about the history of your business or location

Successful signage relies on having the right kind of signs in the right places. Want to learn more about why signs are so important for businesses? Read our recent blog about the importance of signage.

Business Signage Tip Four: Maintenance is Key to Successful Signage

We’ll let you in on a secret: The most successful signage is well-maintained signage. 

What do we mean by well-maintained? We’re talking about installing, updating and even cleaning!

Installing – It’s important to ensure your signs are installed properly and safely. If you don’t, adverse weather conditions could cause them to fall and damage property or even your customers. Plus, if they look damaged, or sub-optimal then your customers are unlikely to take them as seriously. Don’t worry, Fitzpatrick Woolmer can help you with all your installation needs. We provide a high-quality installation service to make sure your signs are put in place effectively, and according to regulations! Find out more about our installation service.

Cleaning – In a post-lockdown world, hygiene and cleanliness have never been so crucial! If you want successful signage, it needs to be regularly cleaned and looked after. If you don’t clean it often enough, it won’t be as effective because your customers won’t take it seriously and the information could be distorted from the dirt and grime. Also, your signs are an extension of your business so they represent you. If they’re dirty or not looked after properly, what message does that send to your customers?

Updating – Along with cleaning, one of the biggest business signage tips we can give you is to keep your signs up to date! If a building moves, information becomes outdated, or no longer reflects your business, change it. By keeping your signs updated, your customers will have the best and most efficient experience possible.

Business Signage Tip Five: Don’t be Afraid to Tell your Customers What to Do

Listen to us carefully: Don’t be afraid to tell your customers what to do.

If an area is restricted, or there are certain rules you’d like customers to follow, or even if you have designated parking areas for different vehicles, tell your customers! Don’t leave it up to them to figure out your rules, tell them using informative signage.

We know this may sound obvious, but so often businesses don’t make it clear enough to customers what they can and cannot do. Clear signage establishes clear boundaries and allows your customers to understand the rules of your business!

So what is the most successful signage for instructing your customers? Public warnings are fantastic because they are clear, concise and easily understandable for your customers. Whether you want to put clear warnings for parking or Covid signs for your business to ask customers to use hand sanitiser, public warnings are the way forward.

Fitzpatrick Woolmer can Turn your Successful Signage Dreams into Reality!

So there we have it, our top 5 business signage tips to really raise the bar in a post-lockdown world.

Successful signage is informative, interactive, up to date, clean, installed properly, instructive and all around useful for your customers. If you’re missing any of these factors with your current signage, it’s time for change!

We know this may sound daunting but we’re with you every step of the way. At Fitzpatrick Woolmer, we are a one stop shop for all your signage needs. From the choosing of your signage, to the design and illustration side of things, all the way to the installation of your signage, we’ve got you covered.

Get in touch with us today to find out more about how we can support you in providing you with successful signage tips that will elevate your business and keep your customers happy!

Mark Woolmer

Mark Woolmer

With a strong background in art and design, Mark is passionate about the capacity for excellent design as a communication tool, leading the Fitzpatrick Woolmer company and focusing on strategy, business development and continual improvement.

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