Fitzpatrick Woolmer specialises in high-quality, robust signage with every unit created to order, using the latest manufacturing, engraving, and printing techniques, combined with exceptional safety fixtures to ensure your signs stand the test of time.

Vandal-resistant fixings are an essential element of signage, even for wayfinding and lecterns in areas of natural beauty or business sites, where vandalism, accidental damage or tampering can mean signs require repairs or replacement.

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How We Create Vandal-Resistant Signs

Vandalism is a fact of life, often an opportunist, disruptive and unnecessary crime that can cause repeated costs and time pressures for site managers, businesses, schools, and venues.

Many of the specifications incorporated into our signage are naturally vandal-resistant, using materials such as colour-printed aluminium, tough stainless steel, and weatherproof coatings.

Other features that protect signs from damage or vandalism include:

  • Tamper-resistant fixings: screws and bolts are very difficult to remove, using pin hex, sentinel or clutch-head designs that require a pin or specific tool to remove. These fixings cannot be removed with a conventional screwdriver and are built to withstand significant force.
  • Removable graphics panels: graphics can include informative displays, maps, useful advice, or entertainment panels for visitors. Graphics are printed beneath a heat cured anti-graffiti coating and using the screws mentioned above the board can be replaced whenever necessary.
  • Direct printing or etching: permanent signage with text or graphics etched, enamelled, or cast into metal means that there are no detachable parts to your signage, and one solid, professionally installed sign is almost impossible to move manually.

Freestanding signs, as opposed to those fitted on walls or buildings, are more exposed to potential vandalism or theft, reinforcing the importance of correctly installing signage from the outset.

Our structural installation teams can recommend options for public signs and those in unsupervised areas, such as steel or oak units, thicker posts to make them immovable, and signs erected with deep-set anchor points.

Much depends on the location and nature of your signage – please get in touch if you would like advice about replacing vandalised signs with sturdier alternatives or designing new signage resistant to any kind of tampering.

Vandal-Resistant Entrance Signs

All Fitzpatrick Woolmer entrance signs are built for durability and quality, with options including stainless steel and hardwood oak. Our comprehensive range of entrance signs can be adapted to conform to your expected sizing, colour, and theme as a focal point to greet visitors on arrival.

Among our most in-demand vandal-resistant entrance signs is the Cavalier™ entrance sign. Made from stainless steel and supplied with a cast aluminium header board, this sign comes with tamper-resistant fixings and a removal graphic panel. These features can also be found on our Enigma™ entrance sign.


Vandal-resistant Lecterns

Lectern signage is a popular way to display a larger amount of information in an accessible, low-profile format, such as route finding, site information, facts, and statistics. Because lectern signs are often placed outdoors in public spaces, it is important to balance the need for clear, legible information at an accessible height for wheelchair or pushchair users whilst ensuring signage is safe and secure.

Vandal-resistant properties, finishes, screws, and fixings protect lectern signs from deliberate or accidental damage or tampering.

Among our larger catalogue of vandal-resistant lectern signage, our most popular is the Musketeer™ twin-leg steel lectern. Our Musketeer™ lectern signage is modern, clean, and subtle, with a range of powder-coating finishes, including a dark green or black. The twin-leg construction makes the signage difficult to manoeuvre once installed; with the professional-grade fixtures, you expect to preserve your signage from damage.

Our lecterns are often found in outdoor attractions, parklands, and heritage visitor centres, explaining some of the fascinating history or native species users can look for.


Vandal-resistant notice boards

Our notice boards are designed to withstand the elements, however, they’re also built with vandal-resistant features such as anti-graffiti film, tamper-resistant fixings, robust stainless steel locks and a replaceable polycarbonate glaze.

For example, our Cavalier™ notice board features a stainless steel construction and robust steel locks that are supported by a tough 4mm clear polycarbonate window.


Other Vandal-resistant Signs

Graphic panels are an important asset for sites or venues that need to clearly convey information about various sites of interest or deliver essential health and safety information. For example, our Nviro™ graphic panel features a heat-cured DuoGuard™ anti-graffiti, scratch and flame resistant coating to prevent accidental or intentional damage.

We also offer vandal-resistant fingerposts made from stainless steel and aluminium to provide a robust way to signpost visitors through your outdoor areas.

All our signs can be customised at different heights and sizes, with low-level safety signs ideal for roadways and car parks and higher profile displays essential for excellent visibility throughout pedestrian areas.

For more information about any of the vandal-resistant signs featured here or guidance about the most suitable models for your property or site, please get in touch with the signage experts at Fitzpatrick Woolmer for further assistance.

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