Fitzpatrick Woolmer manufactures bespoke, hard-wearing and expertly finished village signs with customised fonts, sizing and designs to match your requirements, whether you would like a fresh contemporary feel or a traditional village sign with a heritage appearance.

Signage can be a significant factor in the experience of visiting a village as a classic welcome sign or act as a practical solution to delineate between village thresholds and neighbouring towns or borders.

Our village signs are unique, eye-catching and created to withstand the elements, acting as a focal point and providing a local community with an identity.

Smaller villages, particularly those that have grown from small hamlets or that sit outside of major traffic routes, are often not provided with a village sign, so marking out the starting point of your village can be an excellent way to cement its status.

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Custom Village Signs

We produce a broad range of signage, from timber wayfinding posts to recycled plastic lecterns, roadway signage and entrance signs. Other available materials include hardwood oak and stainless steel.

If you would like inspiration regarding the various finishes and materials available, please visit our project galleries or contact the friendly Fitzpatrick Woolmer team for ideas and suggestions.

The choice of lettering, font, style and size is yours, with options such as self-adhesive vinyl lettering, custom engraving or laser-etched letters, with or without icons, symbols or logos relevant to your village or area.

Producing a new village sign is an excellent opportunity to invite residents, community leaders and even children to participate, finding symbolism that matches the history of your village or replicating traditional designs.

Many villages opt for simple, elegant fonts in contrasting colours to ensure visitors can read the signage clearly from a distance, but can also add themes such as depictions of local culture, wildlife or agriculture.

Village Signs and Notice Boards

Village entrance signs can be complemented with a notice board or display case, allowing residents to share news and events or post public notices of interest to their neighbours.

Many village signs are matched with a hinged, lockable case with a magnetic backboard for ease of use and convenience, along with tamper-proof fixings and durable polycarbonate glazing for longevity.

Outdoor signage should always be manufactured to ensure protection from the elements, with various options such as timber treatments, graffiti-resistant name plates, replacement graphic panels, powder-coating metal finishes and vent holes to protect village notice boards from condensation.

Other options you may wish to explore include:

  • Signs indicating a village centre, green or focal point such as a memorial or fountain.
  • Wayfinding posts for footpaths and cycleways showing routes to and from your village.
  • Badging to educate visitors about buildings, features or landmarks of significance.
  • Interpretation displays, which can showcase maps, places of interest, facilities or attractions in and around the village boundaries.

Please get in touch if you have any ideas about signage displays or wayfinding features, and we will be happy to discuss your thoughts and propose the right models and finishes to meet your expectations.

Bespoke Village and Town Name Signs

Village signs can be as complex or simple as you wish and can be customised to any size or dimensions, allowing you to add features or recognitions, such as:

  • Villages or towns you are twinned with
  • Significant historical figures or inventions
  • Sponsors of your signage, such as a local club or chamber
  • Contact information for local services
  • Requests to prevent littering or speeding

You may also choose to erect vertical village signs on a metal frame or a timber post or use angled wooden framed signs accessible by visitors in wheelchairs or children in buggies.

Timber signage can be combined with various framing options to achieve an aesthetic in common with your village, with natural oak or recycled plastic remaining in excellent condition and with professional-grade finishes and weather resistant coatings for durability.

Our signage consultants are on hand if you would like further information or advice about the best village sign materials, designs and formats in line with your budget and requirements. We can provide obligation-free quotations to help you make a decision.

We recognise community groups often commission village signs. In this case, you may wish to compare a range of pricing estimates to enable your group to make a mutual decision about which village signage will be most suitable.

Please advise if you would like guidance about the cost comparisons between signage materials, sizes and finishes, and we will be happy to oblige.

Installing a New Village Sign

Village signs are traditionally fitted on a post, with either double or single-sided lettering, depending on the intended positioning – but because all our signage is entirely bespoke, we can create any alternatives you may require.

There are numerous possible signage positions, depending on whether you wish to install your village sign on a post, adjacent to a roadway, within a roundabout, mounted on a wall, or on a property that borders your village.

Our specialist installation teams have years of expertise in planning installations, from project management to site risk assessments, adherence to relevant planning notices and ensuring your finished sign is correctly installed in a position where it will remain for many years.

We can also provide manufactured fixings and brackets for custom installations, with each component engineered to fit the exact dimensions of your sign, preventing damage, wear and tear or sign removal.

Ordering a Village Sign

Fitzpatrick Woolmer has been producing bespoke signage for many years and has a capable team that ensures the ordering process is straightforward and stress-free.

We focus on exceptional quality, craftsmanship and expertise and will provide updates during manufacturing to keep you informed.

Most bespoke signage is ready for delivery within eight weeks and potentially sooner. Our design teams will verify that you are happy with your proofs and any artwork before the final production begins.

Please get in touch at 01634 711 771, email us at or submit an enquiry form online to arrange a callback from one of our signage consultants at your convenience.

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