Why Is Signage Important In A Business?

Mark Woolmer

If you are a business owner or are thinking about starting one, you will want to consider investing in signage for your premise. Depending on the size of your location and the type of service your business offers, there are hundreds of varieties of commercial signs currently available on the market. 

So why is signage important in a business? 

Well, there are many purposes for signage for any business. They can be used to convey important information as well as display your personal branding to staff and visitors. You can also build your brand’s identity and bring life to your company premises with beautifully designed and illustrated signage. 

Signage Improves Communication

Signage is the most important, visible form of communication. Whether it be public signage, wayfinding signs to offer guidance and directions to commonly visited rooms and areas, interpretation panels to engage visitors and provide further information or wooden notice boards to display information to the public ,with high-quality signage, you can provide clear communication to visitors, ensuring they have a memorable experience whilst on your premises.

Great Signage Creates A Great First Impression

When customers or visitors think of your business, you will want them to associate your brand with only positive emotions. With well-thought out signage in place, you can guarantee a good first impression, with people identifying your business as a place of quality and professionalism. 

For example, if you were visiting an office building that featured little to no signage, you would probably be confused about how to find certain locations and leave with a poor impression of the business overall. 

However, if you visited that same space but were met with clear, bright and good-quality signage that displayed concise information, you would most likely leave feeling that the company was professional and engaging. 

Signage Promotes Your Brand

If your business has competitors, you will want to make sure that your branding is the most visible and memorable above all others. Placing well designed and easily spotted signage will build awareness of your brand and reinforce your company’s existence with people who may pass your premises frequently.

Signage Helps You Stand Out

If two businesses offer a similar service in a similar location, potential customers can be confused about which business to go to if they come to require your services. The business with well-thought out, professional signage will always have the advantage over their competitors, because first impressions are highly important, especially if you are a smaller business. Good signage can build trust and attract customers, whether you are in retail, hospitality or are a well-known heritage attraction.

A Variety Of Signage Improves Your Customer’s Experience

If your organisation’s location is generally larger than most, investing in one or two types of sign may not be enough. If you already have an entrance sign in place, you will need to expand the signage range you currently have. 

There are so many different types of signage available that can be used for various  purposes, such as notice boards to post up-to-date information or monoliths with beautiful maps of the surrounding area. Incorporating a range of signage can not only give you a competitive advantage, but it can also improve the customer experience greatly. 

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Mark Woolmer

Mark Woolmer

With a strong background in art and design, Mark is passionate about the capacity for excellent design as a communication tool, leading the Fitzpatrick Woolmer company and focusing on strategy, business development and continual improvement.

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