Installing accessible woodland signage that is in keeping with the landscape is an excellent way to enhance visitor experiences and encourage more people to use cycle paths, walkways, and nature trails that appeal to people of all ages.

Attracting visitors to local woodlands is a key priority for councils, environmental organisations and heritage preservation groups, who aim to maximise education and knowledge about the importance of local habitats, native wildlife and British tree species.

Fitzpatrick Woolmer produces a wide range of woodland signs, including signage designed for public footpaths, vandal-resistant notice boards and durable timber signs that will last for decades.

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What Are Woodland Signs?

Woodland signs are practical, effective ways to communicate and share directional information with visitors and site users, incorporating high-visibility text, icons, arrows and symbols to enrich experiences.

Our signage models are customisable and feature boards, panels and mounting styles, ensuring you can tailor your woodland signage to your site, reserve or park and include information that is easy to interpret.

These signs are particularly valuable for woodlands popular with runners, dog walkers and off-road cyclists who may need to identify the fastest route back to a parking area quickly, get in touch with the park ranger or other authority, or avoid steep climbs or drops that may be hazardous in the dark or for visitors with limited mobility.

We manufacture crafted woodland signs with exceptional quality and attention to detail and can recommend a cohesive signage system, from entrance signs to fingerpost directional signs at junctions, warning signs and information boards to share facts about the woodland.

Designing Durable Woodland Signs

There are numerous signs you may wish to install within a woodland setting, and the first consideration is the purpose you’d like each signage placement to serve. For example, you may want to place directional signs where pathways cross, showcasing the difficulty of each route, the paths suitable for children, or woodland cycleways and trails that lead to BBQ or play areas.

Woodland signage can also be educational, particularly within ancient woodlands, areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and preserved woodlands or environments of historical importance (see our historical signage). For example, visitors to a National Trust or English Heritage property often look for signage to identify trees and points of interest and graphics to help recognise shrubs, flora, and fauna.

Fitzpatrick Woolmer has decades of expertise in signage production and can suggest the best ways to format signage, install secure, weather-resistant protective panels, or add signs that augment how visitors move around a woodland or access scenic photography spots.

Most woodlands opt for traditional, natural wooden signs that feel sympathetic to the woodland or choose eco-friendly signs manufactured from recycled materials. Options include robust metal signage framing to withstand even the worst weather conditions.

Custom-Produced Woodland Signage

Waymarking, fingerposts, traditional vintage-feel signage and rustic oak directional signs all work beautifully in a woodland, featuring your icons, branding, colours and style to ensure signage is recognisable and conveys all the information you wish to share with your visitors.

We can recommend a number of solutions to configure signage to suit your setting and visitor demographic, including:

  • Fence-mounted, freestanding and wall-mounted signage.
  • Text placements that can be printed, engraved and treated.
  • Varied materials to match the tone and aesthetic of your site.
  • Easy access signage angled and printed for visibility.
  • Family-friendly signage with icons and graphics that children can understand.
  • Creative mapping and custom illustrations to feature key spaces, trees or native wildlife.

Our services are comprehensive, from initial signage design to bespoke production, with all woodland signs created by our skilled in-house craftspeople. Fitzpatrick Woolmer can also provide end-to-end installation and offer independent guidance on the right techniques, including on-site builds where preferable.

Most custom woodland signage models can be finished and delivered within four to eight weeks, with a manufacturer’s warranty included as standard.

Exploring the Variety of Woodland Signage Display Models

Whether your core purpose is to provide directional information, guide visitors to amenities such as visitor centres, ranger’s offices or play areas, or make nature reserves, walking routes and cycle paths more enjoyable, we have a signage solution to match.

Below, we have summarised some of the most popular types of signage used in woodlands, along with links to our high-demand signage models.

  • Fingerpost woodland signs: Fingerposts are subtle and instantly recognisable without detracting from the natural landscape. Each fingerpost can be constructed with the required number of arms, linking landmarks, access points and walking routes. Our Rustic Oak Fingerpost and Recycled Plastic Fingerpost are environmentally friendly options, with the latter produced with a stunning wood effect finish.
  • Notice boards for woodlands and parks: Adding notice boards at entry points or within open spaces gives you ample opportunity to expand on shared information. The Richmond Combination Display features stainless steel construction, locks, and a magnetic backboard to change notices and posters easily. The Bowman™ C Display also works well in woodlands, with hardwood oak framing and vandal resistant graphic panel.
  • Wayfinding systems for woodlands: Wayfinding ensures visitors are always aware of which path to take and can follow guided routes around a woodland space. Your wayfinding could incorporate Waymarking Posts to designate routes using colour coding and discs and Ladder Signs at perfect height to be interpreted by walkers, cyclists or drivers entering the site.
  • Directional signage for outdoor spaces: Directional signage is functional and stylish and can add context, provide navigational instructions, or sit discreetly alongside walking paths and other routes to indicate the paths visitors may wish to follow. Our hardwood oak Holwood Directional Sign is an impactful way to welcome visitors, and the Grenadier™ Directional Sign is ideal if you require a flexible sign with the option of interchanging self-adhesive lettering.

Fitzpatrick Woolmer can produce tailored signage in your choice of materials, from treated wood such as timber, hardwood oak, recycled plastics, and durable stainless steel. You are welcome to get in touch for advice about the most appropriate materials for your woodland environment.

Woodland Sign FAQs

Our FAQs below answer some commonly asked questions about choosing, designing and installing custom-made woodland signs.

How Can Fitzpatrick Woolmer Help With Woodland Signage Design?

As a leading provider of crafted woodland signs, we work with a broad scope of clients, from heritage organisations, local authorities and councils, community groups and bodies responsible for maintaining, preserving and protecting natural woodlands. We offer comprehensive signage design expertise, whether you need suggestions about colours, lettering, signage materials, or placements or help with a complete wayfinding project.

What Is the Best Way to Install Woodland Signs?

Our clients require tough and durable signage that will remain easy to read and secure in any weather conditions. Our installation teams can offer recommendations based on the setting, placement, and number of visitors you anticipate, including vandal-resistant and tamper-proof signs, permanent engraving, and weatherproof treatments, which are ideal for woodlands near coastal regions.

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