At Fitzpatrick Woolmer, our durable interpretation display-style lecterns are available in a range of materials and styles to suit your purpose and setting. This ever-popular sign format presents interpretative information at an angle designed to be easily visible to children and wheelchair users as well as the general adult public; making lectern signs ideal for a wide variety of applications. Parks, zoos, heritage sites and many other such attractions can benefit from an interpretative panel in a lectern style.

Lectern signs are a popular way to present information to visitors and/or your target audience easily. They are frequently used to trigger engagement and actions, as well as stimulate curiosity and discovery of nature reserves, wildlife areas, places of interest and visitor attractions.

At Fitzpatrick Woolmer, we offer durable interpretation display-style lecterns for sale in a range of materials and styles suited to your purpose and environment. They’re ideal if you’re looking to offer insightful information and add a touch of interaction with your audience.

If you’re keen to engage with your audience, explore our range of designs. If it’s a metal lectern sign you’re after, our Musketeer™ twin leg steel lecterns are one of our best sellers offering versatility and durability. Our Woodsman™ lecterns, on the other hand, would be suitable for nature reserves or wildlife areas; this rustic and eye-catching design is made from hardwood Oak, ideal for displaying rich information to your visitors.

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Buying Steel, Plastic and Wooden Lecterns

When considering buying a lectern sign, it is important to consider a number of factors, including the target audience, location and purpose. Our collection of lecterns are vast and versatile to ensure they cater for a variety of purposes and environments. We also offer bespoke designs if you’re unable to find what you’re looking for. Each of our lecterns have been built using quality, durable materials to ensure they withstand harsh weather conditions and maintain their attractiveness to appeal to visitors.

Location will be key in deciding the style, design and materials you opt for. For example, in a place of nature or where wildlife is plentiful, a wooden lectern would be in keeping with its surroundings. Not only would the sign beautifully age with its environment, by adding illustration and colour to your sign, it would successfully attract and engage visitors. Our Eastbury low level outdoor lecterns and Grenadier lecterns are perfect examples of signage suitable for outdoor wooded areas.

In instances where you’re looking to attract audiences in a town centre or areas of interest for example, historic landmarks, an industrial-style steel lectern could be better suited. Our Chelmer single leg steel lectern is a traditional way in which to display information, both educating and informing your visitors. All our steel lecterns are made from durable and robust stainless steel to prevent rust and ensure the aesthetics of your sign remain intact.

Custom Lectern Signage For Sale

We at Fitzpatrick Woolmer are experienced lectern manufacturers who recognise that attracting and engaging visitors can only occur with personalisation and customisation. The benefit of working with us is that each of our lectern signs can be completely customised to your requirements.

What this means is you can create a truly unique lectern, which you know will suit the environment and engage your target audience. Elements you can customise include the graphic panel, the design, style and finish of your lectern sign and the text and illustration of your content. What’s more, we also offer completely bespoke designs; this means you can work closely with us to design a lectern of your choice from scratch.

The advantage of customisable lectern signs is that you’re able to convey the right message to your visitors. Whether you want to inform visitors of the wildlife in the area, the history attached to an area of interest or inform the public of directions or facilities, using a simple or complex design, you can tailor the design and message to your requirements.

Ordering a Lectern Sign For Your Business, Attraction or Nature Reserve

Ordering lecterns from Fitzpatrick Woolmer is a simple and stress-free process that usually takes no longer than 8 weeks from start to finish. Depending on the level of customisation, we will collect information on your project at the start to provide an accurate quote taking into consideration the time, effort and attention to detail that goes into your creation.

If you’re looking for more information on our lecterns for sale or to get started on your project, simply submit an inquiry using our online form. Alternatively, you can get in touch with us on 01634 711 771 to discuss everything from signage installation to outdoor lectern design.

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