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When deciding which types of signage are essential for your business, there are a number of factors to consider such as branding, design, messaging and installation. There are unlimited options for both indoor and outdoor signage available online, with products to meet every purpose.

Fitzpatrick Woolmer are leading suppliers of outdoor signage for businesses nationwide, with over 25 years of experience in working alongside a number of sectors to provide the perfect signage solution every time.

Our team have worked in close collaboration with local councils, heritage sites, educational institutions and conservation trusts to plan, design and manufacture outdoor signage including wayfinding signs and public footpath signs across the UK. 

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Types of Outdoor Signage

Our outdoor sign products range from prohibition signs and directional signs to help your visitors find their way,  to large entrance signage for welcoming visitors to your premises. Take a look below for further information on our outdoor signage options. 

Outdoor Fingerposts

An essential type of outdoor signage, fingerposts are found in most public spaces. From guiding visitors to staff members, a well-designed fingerpost sign can effectively direct people around your space. Ideal for installation at most locations, including car parks, schools, and heritage and historical attractions. 

Outdoor Badging Signs

A completely versatile product, Fitzpatrick Woolmer badging signs can be completely customized to best suit your business’ purpose. Whether you would like to indicate key locations on your premises to visitors or use it as a smaller form of entrance sign, we can help you design the perfect outdoor badging sign. 

Outdoor Directional Signage

A type of wayfinding signage, our directional signs are available in a wide range of styles which can be adapted to your needs depending on which you choose. From modern directional outdoor signage with removable graphic panels to custom manufactured sigs in any size or shape, we can produce the ultimate signage solution for your business. 

Outdoor Ladder Signs

An attractive alternative to fingerpost signs, ladder signage makes the best use of your available space to convey various forms of information to visitors. Whether you would like to incorporate symbols, images or plain text, our outdoor ladder signage products are designed exclusively for your business. 

Outdoor Entrance Signs

Perhaps one of the most important forms of outdoor signage for any organisation, entrance signs can offer a vital impression to any first-time visitor. Our entrance signs can feature anything from your company logo to directional information.

All of our commercial signage has varying costs. Please take a look at our guide to commercial signage costs for further information.

Deliberating whether your business needs signage? Read our article ‘Why is signage important for a business?’ or speak to our signage consultants.

Custom Outdoor Signage Design

At Fitzpatrick Woolmer we offer expert guidance, design and manufacture for your outdoor signage project. We pride ourselves in our specialist knowledge and our ability to offer a completely personal and professional service to ensure that your organisation’s messaging can be delivered efficiently. 

Each outdoor signage requirement differs based on a number of factors, which is why the majority of our products are totally customisable. We have the ability to manufacture your outdoor signs in various sizes, in different colours, shapes and with the messaging you choose. 

The Fitzpatrick Woolmer in-house design team can further assist with helping you with tasks such as planning, mapping, illustration and creating an outdoor sign strategy to ensure that the project is executed efficiently. 

If you would like to discuss our available outdoor signage with the Fitzpatrick Woolmer team, please contact us. If you would like to speak directly with a member of our team, you can call us on 01634 711 771.

Signage installation

In addition to manufacturing the signs in our in-house production facilities, we also offer a comprehensive installation service.

This could be a traditional sign installation, or involve more complex tasks such as diamond drilling, landscaping or an on-site build. For more information on our signage installation services, get in touch with our team today.

Deliberating whether your business needs signage? Read our article ‘Why is signage important for a business?’ for or speak to our signage consultants.

Ordering signage

Depending on the signage that you are looking to purchase, we can have your sign delivered from 4 to 8 weeks from when you place your order. This will depend on the level of customisation that you require and the materials and style of your sign. What’s more, we create each of our signs with the care and attention that it deserves, which can only be achieved with time and diligence.

All of our signs come with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty, and we are more than happy to discuss your specifications and answer any questions you may have before we start the design and manufacturing process. Browse each of our signage types for more information and submit your enquiry today.

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