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We also specialise in park signage design, planning and manufacturing of outdoor products that are perfect for sites that require regulatory signage for visibility and accessibility. With over 25 years of experience, the Fitzpatrick Woolmer team are capable of providing top-quality products and services for all sectors. We have previously worked with a number of clients that require specialist park signs, including: Lewisham Borough Council for Beckenham Place Park, Waverley Borough Council for The Phillips Memorial Park, Medway Council for Green Flag Park and many more. Take a look at our recent projects for further information.

One of the greatest features of the United Kingdom is undoubtedly the nature and wildlife across the country. With even the busiest cities such as London home to some of the most famous parks in the world such as Green Park and Hyde Park, we are never too far away from the nature that the country has to offer.  

Within an estimated 27,000 public parks situated countrywide, visitors and residents are free to enjoy diverse surroundings that range from small neighbourhood parks to large principal parks with more considerable facilities. 

In order for visitors to enjoy their surroundings, it is important to ensure that the correct park signage is implemented across the site. Well-placed park outdoor signs effectively convey park information and rules in a highly visible and memorable way.

Depending on the park you manage, you may intend visitors to use the facilities or follow rules in a way that adheres to government regulations. Whether your park is ideal for independent walks, organised exercise, food with the family or enjoying nature, Fitzpatrick Woolmer can help you decide on the park sign solution that is fit for your purpose. We have experience in designing and manufacturing a variety of signage for parks, including welcome signs, footpath signs, fingerposts, notice boards. Alternatively, we offer nature reserve signage and signage for larger woodland sites and more.


Park Wayfinding Signage

While certain smaller parks such as “pocket parks” may be incredibly easy to navigate, more often than not parks have large grounds and may feature multiple entrances. This can result in visitors being unable to immediately understand the surroundings and important landmarks and facilities such as toilets and restaurants. Furthermore, the cover of nature can often cause such facilities to be hidden in plain sight. Due to these reasons, it is necessary for developers to make sure that the site is signposted with sufficient park wayfinding signage and any other important information where relevant. 

Many parks are also likely to employ fewer attendants and security officers, so therefore it may not always be possible for a visitor to ask a staff member for guidance. This makes it the responsibility of the developing institution to make sure that regulations are obeyed to prevent easily avoidable accidents. At Fitzpatrick Woolmer, we aim to help your business along every step of the park signage development and manufacturing process. 

We offer a range of exclusive services such as assessing walking routes, outlining the strategic placement of private and public park sign and more. Our product range is truly extensive and includes a number of regulatory signage options including public safety signs, fingerposts, waymarking posts, waymarking discs. Alternatively, we offer nature reserve signage services for larger woodland sites and more

Park Signage Design

Now more than ever, it is becoming increasingly necessary for open spaces to become as accessible as possible for all visitors. In order to do this, it is important to install park wayfinding signage that is easily decipherable for people of all backgrounds, ages and abilities. Due to many parks welcoming visitors from all over the world, it is courteous to ensure that all park signs are created with real people in mind. 

Ideal for all outdoor nature locations, Fitzpatrick Woolmer park signage can be implemented everywhere including premise entrances, car parks and footpaths. Depending on your specific requirements, we can design and manufacture single or multiple versions of our park signs, altered to match sizing and text specifications. 

Our park signage design services include creative mapping, interpretation planning and sign and wayfinding strategy. For more information on Fitzpatrick Woolmer and how we can help you create the most engaging park sign for your visitors, please contact us online or call on 01634 711 771. 

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To help fully realise your project Fitzpatrick Woolmer also offer printing, manufacturing and installation services, creating a true one-stop shop for your interpretation, signage and wayfinding needs.

To find out more about the full breadth of our sign design services and the projects we have completed fill out the contact form or call us on 01634 711 771.

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