Whether you need changeable notices for your attraction, a public notice board for your park or Parish council, or a lockable noticeboard for outside your church, we can help. Our robust notice boards come in a range of materials and formats with single or multiple windows as needed, and all are designed and built with secure locking systems as standard; so your noticeboard will be as vandal-resistant as we can make it.

Having a robust and professional notice board is important for all businesses and organisations looking to communicate information clearly to their visitors.

At Fitzpatrick Woolmer, we manufacture, supply and install vandal-resistant outdoor notice boards of all shapes, sizes and materials. Whether you need single or multiple-windowed oak notice boards, or wall mounted metal informational signage, we can manufacture your ideal outdoor sign in a range of materials including metal, wooden notice boards and recycled plastic. Because they’re available in a range of materials and designs, you can be sure your notice board will reflect your business and look great no matter its environment.

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Our range of notice boards

Whether you are looking for an external notice board display for your business, attraction or heritage site, we have a range of options available that can be adapted to suit your requirements. Many of our options can be adapted to include maps and illustrations of the environment, to not only notify your visitors but also help them navigate around the area.

Explore our range to find your perfect notice board. For example, our Cavalier™ notice board is a great option for those looking for a durable, stainless steel sign. With a tough 4mm polycarbonate window and robust stainless steel locks, it’s designed to be as vandal-resistant as we can make it. On the other hand, our freestanding wooden notice board is perfect for a more rural environment. Available in hardwood oak (view our oak signs here), you can be sure your notice board will look fantastic in its natural surroundings.

Find out more about just some of the kinds of notice boards we provide:

Village notice boards

Ideally used as the centrepiece in a small village, our village notice boards are ideal for any public space or common area, providing a secure and weather-proof place to display important information for both locals and tourists.

Whether you want to include interesting facts about the history of the village, or simply display a map showing local hot spots and tourist sites, your notice board will be made to suit your needs. All our village notice boards are manufactured using high-quality materials, and come in various sizes, shapes and styles to best suit the needs of your community.

Parish Council / Church notice boards

Most churches and Parish Councils need to communicate information quickly and in an accessible way to the congregation. We offer a range of notice boards specifically designed to meet the requirements of Parish Councils and churches.

We offer sturdy steel frames with various lockable options for secure, long-lasting information displays, while also offering wooden frames for churches in rural areas; choose between oak, stainless steel and recycled plastic. Our church noticeboards are perfect for displaying posters, signs and other information in a secure and weatherproof frame.

Community notice boards

As a community manager, you may need a space to advertise jobs, announce local construction work or generate interest in an event.

Our community notice boards provide an ideal solution for displaying important notices and news in your local community, whether it be a residential community or shared public space. Not only do we offer weather-resistant materials for our community notice boards, but we also make it easier for you to create customisable finishes based on your community’s needs.

Heritage attraction site notice boards

Our heritage site notice boards are ideal for popular tourist spots in your local community and can be customised according to your needs with maps, images, and other visual content to help and guide visitors in the area.

Whether you’re looking for an attractive wooden framed board or something requiring less maintenance, we have something to suit your needs. Our designs are also built to last, with robust frames and secure locks.

Nature reserve park notice boards

Nature reserve parks are an important part of the UK’s natural landscape. Those managing the parks may need a space to communicate key information which is made possible by the addition of an informative notice board.

Our nature reserve boards are built with visitors and tourists in mind, so you’ll be able to add lots of engaging, interesting information to your board while benefiting from its sturdy wooden, plastic or steel frame. Like our other boards, all our nature reserve boards are designed to provide a secure and weather-proof place to display relevant information.

Buying external notice boards

When buying an external notice board, there are several factors that need to be considered, including the environment, purpose and audience of the notice board.

That’s why we have a comprehensive range of options suited to all kinds of uses, so you can be confident you’ll find a notice board that is right for you.


Our noticeboards are available in different materials to give them different properties. You can order a noticeboard in the following materials:

Wooden notice boards

If you’re looking for something more traditional, we offer rustic wooden notice boards in high-quality oak. All our wooden boards can be fitted with the same security locks and anti-vandalism finishes as a metal board, but provide a more rustic, countryside look and feel. Wooden notice boards are ideally suited to churches and parish councils, as well as local parks and nature spots.

Recycled Plastic notice boards

For an environmentally friendly option that requires minimal maintenance, look no further than our recycled plastic noticeboards. Manufactured from 100% reclaimed materials, our recycled plastic notice boards have the right eco credentials for many funding bids and are completely resistant to weathering.

Metal notice boards

For those looking for the sturdiest and most secure type of notice board, metal is most likely your best option. At Fitzpatrick Woolmer, we offer a variety of metal notice boards in various sizes and shapes, whether you’re buying for a school, a heritage site, your local village or town centre. Our aluminium and stainless steel boards are manufactured to the highest quality standards.


Are you looking for a specific functionality for your noticeboard? Our products can be built with the following features in mind to make sure they’re fit for the purpose that you required:

Waterproof and weatherproof notice boards

We understand that the British weather isn’t the most forgiving when it comes to decorative outdoor installations – that’s why we work to ensure that all of our boards are both waterproof and weatherproof, and installed professionally by us to withstand all types of weather conditions – even a rain storm. If you’re worried about important notices and flyers getting caught in the rain or blown away by an Autumn wind, our weather-proof notice boards can put your mind at ease.

Lockable notice boards

We understand that you’ll want to ensure all contents of your notice board remain in place, and aren’t removed or damaged by unauthorised persons or vandals. This is why our lockable notice boards are designed to provide a secure and weatherproof place to display important information, with robust locks added for extra protection. Our lockable notice boards come in wood, metal and recycled plastic, with sturdy frames and robust locks for added protection.

Ordering a lockable notice board for your business or attraction

Ordering an external notice board from Fitzpatrick Woolmer is a simple and easy process that usually takes no longer than 8 weeks from start to finish. We provide you with an accurate quote from the outset, taking into account the notice board type, quantity, materials and level of customisation you require. From there our team will get to work manufacturing, designing and delivering your notice board.

We also provide a full sign installation service should you require. To get started, simply get in touch via our enquiry form, or give us a call on 01634 711 771 to discuss your public notice board project with one of our friendly and helpful team members.

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