A directional sign doesn’t need to be boring, which is why our robust signs can be as ornate and stylish or functional and effective as you need and want them to be. Boost your brand and complement your attraction or facility with our bespoke outdoor signage design service, or choose from our range of highly functional, durable and vandal resistant waymarking signs to give your visitors the information they need in a plain, simple and effective display.

These signs are most commonly used to guide visitors in a particular direction or emphasise the route to an attraction. At Fitzpatrick Woolmer, we consider ourselves as expert wayfinding consultants. we offer highly versatile durable and vandal-resistant wayfinding signage, public footpath signs and more which can be custom-made to your specifications and requirements.

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What is a directional sign?

Directional signs are functional, practical and efficient site assets which direct visitors, service users or customers to key points within your grounds or premises, with easy-to-interpret symbols, arrows and text.

Every sign is adapted to the setting, which could include a simple, bold logo and arrows to direct arrivals down the appropriate route or more complex vertical boards featuring a map, colour coding and varied directions to facilities, amenities or buildings.

Many organisations rely on directional arrow signs to provide the information that ensures customers or clients have an excellent experience at a business or attraction.

From wooden direction signs to arrow signs, they can be used in a variety of environments including nature reserves, town centres, university campuses, train stations and attractions such as zoos. With over a decade of experience, our skilled craftsmen manufacture each of our standard and bespoke signs to the highest quality.

Buying directional signs

When selecting your signage, it is important to consider the purpose of the sign and its location. We offer a variety of designs which are suitable for varying environments whether the signage is in a rural, urban or suburban location. No matter the environment of your sign, our signs are manufactured to be vandal-resistant and use durable, hard-wearing materials designed to withstand the effects of weathering.

The functionality and placement will no doubt be key in deciding what sign to buy. For example, our Holwood directional sign would be well suited for installation as a park sign, but would also be ideal for rural locations such as forests, nature reserves and wildlife conservations. This wooden sign is a stylish and functional way to display information using printed and engraved methods.

If you’re looking for signage for a more urban location, our dCipher™ sign or our Enigma™ sign could be better suited. Boasting a robust metal design, the dCipher™ sign is built to resist weathering. Our Enigma™ sign can be single or double sided, with an optional notice poster board display available.

Regardless of your environment, our standard and bespoke signage designs ensure you’re able to find a sign that complements its surroundings whilst directing visitors effectively.

All of our commercial signage has varying costs. Please take a look at our guide to commercial signage costs for further information.

Custom directional signage

Custom directional signage is ideal if you’re looking to create a personal and unique experience for each of your visitors. Whether it’s a wooden, metal or arrow sign, your design can be made bespoke to your liking.

There are a number of ways in which you can configure and alter your design, from dictating the size, shape or material of your display to deciding whether it’s freestanding, wall-mounted or fence-mounted. You also have the choice whether to print or engrave graphics and text onto your sign – you may even opt for both. Our customisable signage can be as traditional, contemporary or quirky as you need.

Directional sign installation

In addition to manufacturing the signs in our in-house production facilities, we also offer a comprehensive installation service. This could be a traditional sign installation, or involve more complex tasks such as diamond drilling, landscaping or an on-site build.

For more information on our signage installation services, get in touch with our team today.

Ordering a direction sign for your business or attraction

Ordering a sign from Fitzpatrick Woolmer is a simple process. Once you have a design in mind, whether it’s based on our standard products or a bespoke creation, simply contact us with your requirements. Upon receiving your query, we will be in touch to gather more information about your chosen design and provide an accurate quote.

We aim to have your signage designed and delivered from 4 to 8 weeks from when you place your order. Delivery time will depend on a number of elements, especially the complexity and customisation of your design. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and the care that goes into each of our designs, things that can only be achieved with time and diligence.

All of our signs come with 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. For more information about our signage please get in touch on 01634 711 771 to discuss in more detail.

What Are the Different Types of Directional Signs?

The core purpose of signage is to inform the user how to reach their intended destination, as a guide which can feature a visual map or simple arrows and is essential for sites with larger visitor numbers or where some amenities are difficult to find.

Companies, public sector organisations and site managers can choose between the following:

  • Vertical slimline signs, such as the Enigma™ and dCipher™ signage units, with stacked names of buildings, places or services with an illustrative map and arrows.
  • Classic wooden signage, like the Holwood™ model, provides a timeless and sophisticated finish and features customised text, logos or place names.
  • Ladder-style signs, with the Grenadier™ design a perfect example. Site managers can add variable names and directions on separate levels with arrows to indicate the correct direction at the optimal height for accessibility.

If you need assistance selecting the appropriate signs for your business or property, or would like to discuss the most suitable type of signage to remain consistent with your branding and aesthetic, please get in touch at your convenience.

What Are the Different Applications for Directional Signs?

Directional signs are present in almost every public sector facility, educational establishment, business park, retail centre or tourist attraction you visit, and provide a seamless experience to ensure visitors can locate their intended area or place within your site.

Our signage team works with clients across the sectors, including:

  • Schools, colleges and universities.
  • Retail centres and business parks.
  • Nature reserves and parklands.
  • Town centres and local councils.
  • Train stations and ferry depots.
  • Zoos, reservoirs and walking routes.
  • Businesses such as spas and health centres.

You can also install signs on any other facility where some users may need practical assistance locating the appropriate zone, such as arrows to direct drivers and contractors, pupils and parents, event attendees or visitors arriving at a multi-business compound looking to find the relevant building or unit number.

We publish example images of completed signs on our product pages to showcase how the finished product will look and how the design and shape of each sign slots into the landscape or ambience of the property.

What Materials Are Our Directional Signs?

The best-suited directional signage will depend on the setting, the aesthetic you wish to create, and the user demographics your signs need to cater to. Fitzpatrick Woolmer provides bespoke signage in materials such as:

  • Hardwood oak with a preservative finish and engraved lettering.
  • Durable, modern stainless steel with tamper-resistant fixings.
  • Combination hardwood oak and aluminium with a powder-coated preservative.

For more information, you can view the full specifications and features of each model within our online signage range.

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