Signage Consultants and Wayfinding Consulting

Wayfinding Consultants

Fitzpatrick Woolmer’s signage consultants provide clients with expertise, knowledge and advice on outdoor signage. From building a strategy to designing the perfect products, we can work with you to conceptualise signage that is not only unique to your business but also fully functional. 

Whether you are looking to implement wayfinding signage or a series of interpretation displays, you will want to make sure that you consult with specialists who can advise you on options and execution. 

We have had over 25 years of experience in providing a completely thorough signage and wayfinding consultation service for clients of all sectors. This has allowed us to build a huge knowledge base in signage design and manufacturing, as well as giving us the capability to create custom regulatory signage for businesses of all sizes.  

In addition to being signage consultants, we also provide exclusive services such as exhibition design, creative mapping, design for print and more.

Signage Design Consultants

Getting the design right for your signage can be tricky, especially if you have very specific guidelines to meet. From eye-catching graphics to educational illustrations and informative mapping, there’s no doubt that a well-designed sign can add a lot of value to your business site. 

Fitzpatrick Woolmer wayfinding consultants can work alongside your in-house team or independently to provide advice and expertise on conceptualising signage that is just right for you. Our extensive experience allows us to help clients from a range of sectors design signs that are creative, themed, branded and relevant to your target audience. 

Our team at Fitzpatrick Woolmer are not only experienced wayfinding consultants, we also provide expert interpretation planning services, signage installation, aesthetic products such as wooden notice boards, wooden signage and more. 

Experienced Signage and Wayfinding Consultants

Creating a coherent wayfinding signage strategy can be an imperative part of the development process. Fitzpatrick Woolmer wayfinding signage consultants can take your specific requirements and help you create a strategy that efficiently uses space and makes the most of your budget. 

Our in-house experience from working with a number of sectors over the past 25 years has allowed us to build up considerable knowledge of designing and manufacturing wayfinding signage that can be used to develop a highly detailed strategy for your business.  

By talking to our wayfinding signage consultants, you will be provided with ideas for signage, logistics, costing, manufacturing time estimates and more. For further information on our signage and wayfinding strategies, please visit our alternative page. 

If you are interested in Fitzpatrick Woolmer signage consultants and would like to hear more about our services, please contact our friendly team. Alternatively, you can call us on 01634 711 771 for further information directly from one of our experts. 


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To help fully realise your project Fitzpatrick Woolmer also offer printing, manufacturing and installation services, creating a true one-stop shop for your interpretation, signage and wayfinding needs.

To find out more about the full breadth of our sign design services and the projects we have completed fill out the contact form or call us on 01634 711 771.

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