Wooden signage is a traditional, sustainable way to display entrance notices, wayfinding directions, route markers and notice boards. The signage professionals at Fitzpatrick Woolmer use a range of high-quality timbers, such as solid oak, to create bespoke wooden signs with durable finishes and preservative coatings.

Our tailored wooden signage is available across our extensive ranges, including directional signs and community notices, used in attractions, event venues, schools, colleges, universities, business centres and visitor locations across the UK.

Creating your customised signage from natural wood is an excellent choice, with each sign made by our skilled design teams, with convenient installation services to ensure your finished sign will last for many years.

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Wooden Signage Finishes

You can review the variety of colours, finishes, styles, and textures available through our online ranges. The Fitzpatrick Woolmer team is always on hand to provide advice and recommendations if you are still determining the right type of wooden signage for your property or site.

We work with a broad array of clients and can showcase previous projects or design ideas to inspire your creativity and highlight some of the aesthetic impacts available.

Longevity and durability are essential in any wooden signage, particularly signs that will be exposed to the elements and other hazards such as saltwater.

Our production team has been manufacturing custom signage for decades and can suggest the right finishes, timber treatments, waterproof casings, tough, scratch-resistant glazing, and anti-tamper fixings to suit your signage design and purpose.

Creating Bespoke Wooden Signage Designs

We often hear from clients who recognise the importance of clear signage to engage with visitors, ensure service users find their way around a busy site, or add value to the experience of people exploring outdoor venues, parklands, and areas of historical significance. We know that the material used for signage needs to match the feel and theme of the place in which they’ll be displayed.

However, choosing the right design and style varies considerably, with options such as modern, contemporary fonts, heritage-themed wooden signage and colourful or natural timber signage bases.

Fitzpatrick Woolmer regularly consults with clients and managers looking for exceptional signs for:

  • Preserved heritage properties and sites.
  • Council groups and community service providers.
  • Lakeland, conservation area and outdoor walking or cycling venues.
  • Memorial garden spaces.
  • Site managers for parklands and woodlands.
  • Public sector organisations, schools, businesses, and churches.

Before your wooden signage enters the production stage, we ensure you have every opportunity to review your artwork proofs, approve or edit your design, and make changes to fonts, colours, engraving or etching styles, with sign-off required before we proceed.

Wooden signage is typically created in a standard size format, with dimensions of A1, A2 or A3, but it can also be adapted to any size or specification you require. Wood is a versatile material and is suited to a broad range of signage types and dimensions.

Selecting a Timber Signage Format

The right wooden signage models and layouts for your site or property will depend on the intention, and the users, visitors, or colleagues you wish to cater to.

For example, low-profile signage is ideal for public-access facilities and centres because any user can read the information displayed, including wheelchair users. For clear visibility, you may also opt for bright contrasting letters or dark text against a pale timber finish.

We can design rustic or modern wooden signage with a variety of options to achieve a natural timber appearance or create foundation-free signage anchored to a heavy base for conservation or listed properties or areas with restrictions on how signage impacts the environment or local ecosystems.

Wooden Entrance signs

Among our most in-demand wooden signs is the Woodsman™ entrance sign. This sign is made from a hardwood oak construction and is available in a number of sizes.

This sign is a popular choice for manor houses, estates and parks and features permanently engraved lettering and logos and a preservative finish.

Wooden Fingerpost Signage

Fingerposts have fixed directional arms with engraved lettering, available with one, two or three lines of text to provide directions, point out areas of interest and steer visitors around your site.

For example, our rustic oak fingerpost is made from hardwood oak and finished with a preservative to provide a long-standing, durable wooden sign to effectively direct your site visitors.

Wooden Footpath Posts

Waymarking is a popular option for walking and hiking trails, forestry sites, cycling routes and outdoor centres, often with coloured arrows or text to indicate the level of difficulty or duration of each route.

Our wooden footpath waymarking post is a very popular product, which features engraved detail and optional colour-coded bands for easy distinction between ‘zones’ for your grounds.

Wooden waymarking posts can be designed with any icon, symbol, or colour, showing visitors which direction to take, where to access help, or identifying which path or trail they are following.

Wooden Notice Boards

Notice boards need to be practical and durable – our wooden notice boards are made from solid timbers with preservative finishes, robust locks, condensation vents, polycarbonate viewing windows and magnetic backboards for ease of use.

Our most popular wooden notice board is our freestanding hardwood notice board which has a tough 4mm clear polycarbonate window and vent holes to minimise condensation.

Installing Bespoke Wooden Signage and Wayfinding Posts

The installation process is important because long-standing signage needs to be fitted correctly to ensure it can withstand weather and other impacts, such as heavy winds, rain, snow and contact from visitors, without becoming unstable.

Our experienced signage teams can provide a full delivery and installation service, with advice on the right fitting process and anchor points to minimise disruption and assure that your signage is compliant with all health and safety requirements and on-site protocols.

Fitzpatrick Woolmer can also conduct site risk assessments and an initial survey to consult on the best placement for your signage, the right materials or signage design to best serve your visitor demographic, and the suitable timber treatments to remain in excellent condition.

When your signage has been produced, delivered, and installed, it is ready for use with no further fixing work required. We can work alongside your management teams or staff to ensure you are completely happy with the completed installation before we leave the site.

Ordering Customised Wooden Signage

We endeavour to make the ordering and design process as seamless and efficient as possible and include full specifications for every wooden signage model online, including standard sizes, anticipated delivery times, and a list of features and properties.

Please get in touch if you would like to replace an older sign, upgrade signage with more durable alternatives, or replicate the look of existing wooden signage. Our advisers will be able to review the previous or current signage and suggest the right timbers, colourways, signage styles and effects to achieve a consistent appearance.

You can contact Fitzpatrick Woolmer via our online enquiry form or are welcome to give us a call on 01634 711771 whether you would like support with selecting and designing wooden signage or wish to proceed with an order.

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