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Whether you run a primary school, secondary school or sixth form, you will always face challenges to ensuring that the children you are responsible for remain in a safe and happy environment. From trips and falls to directing students, effectively placed signage can help to prevent serious accidents and guide even the youngest student.

Fitzpatrick Woolmer specialise in designing and manufacturing signage for schools that comply with government regulations whilst reflecting your school’s branding and core values. 

Our team have had over 25 years of experience in providing signage solutions for businesses all over the UK, including for educational institutions, local authorities, conservation trusts and more. 

Producing everything from wayfinding signs to badging signs, our in-house team can work with your team to conceptualise and manufacture the perfect signage for your school. 

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Types Of School Signage

When communicating with children of all ages, schools must consider how to best convey rules and regulations in a way that is simple and straightforward. Purposefully designed with bright colours and large, easy-to-read characters, school signage can be displayed in a number of internal and external locations within the school buildings. 

Our signage for schools are ideal for installation in the playground, on the outside of buildings and even on the front gates leading up to the school. We can create single and multiple versions of our signage, altered to match your exact sizing and text specifications. 

For children who are learning to read, our attractive illustrations can bring to life anything from school campus maps to school rules through both traditional and digital techniques. Depending on your requirements, we can create prints in full colour, as well as simple black and white for basic signs. 

Additionally, our own design and manufacturing teams allow us to provide a more personalised service, offering you the ability to print your school’s logo, emblem or even motto onto a number of our signage products. 

There can be an indefinite number of signs used in the school environment, from greeting students and visitors at the entrance to directional signs inside school buildings. 

Fitzpatrick Woolmer specialise in all areas of outdoor signage, with a variety of entirely customisable products to ensure that your institution’s messaging can be delivered as wished. 

Common examples of signage used in schools include: 

Entrance signs

Entrance signage is perhaps one of the most important forms of signage at educational institutions. Often, a welcome sign is first seen by students and visitors upon entering the premises, so it is important to ensure that the appropriate information is conveyed to all.

No smoking signs

Keeping young children away from potentially damaging actions or behaviour is a priority for every school. With our range of prohibition discs, we can help your institution highlight any prohibited actions or health and safety concerns.  

Display signs

Interpretation signage is available in both freestanding and wall mounted forms. Used in most educational institutions, interpretation displays can be used to convey essential information to students and visitors.  

Monolith signage

Monolith and totem signs are versatile products which can be used to convey information in multiple formats. From displaying maps to directions, any schooling institution with limited space can use monolith signs both internally and externally without sacrificing much space.  

Wayfinding signs

Fitzpatrick Woolmer offers a range of wayfinding signs, with products such as fingerposts, waymarking discs, waymarking posts and directional signs. A combination of these types of signage can help visitors to your school navigate your premises safely. 


Custom School Signage Design

At Fitzpatrick Woolmer, we understand that each school’s requirement differs based on the services provided. We do our very best to accommodate customers each time, whether you have highly specific requirements or have a tight deadline to work towards. 

The majority of our school signage products are completely customisable and can be altered to match a colour and design scheme of your choice. We are also able to incorporate your school’s logo or additional messaging to many of our products.

With the right products, we also aim to help you best protect your students’ best interests and safety. We create only the highest quality of signs to help prevent deterioration from external elements and graffiti. This is so that the installations remain visible and easy to identify from a distance, and to ensure safety where necessary. 

If you would like to order custom school signage for your educational institution, please contact our dedicated team. Alternatively you can call us on 01634 711 771 to speak directly to us about your requirements.

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To help fully realise your project Fitzpatrick Woolmer also offer printing, manufacturing and installation services, creating a true one-stop shop for your interpretation, signage and wayfinding needs.

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