Our freestanding interpretation display boards are perfect for getting your message where it needs to be to engage and enthrall your visitors. Try our range of elegant and durable interpretation outdoor signs for a cost-effective solution that works in any environment. We also offer a complete interpretation design service for a range of facilities and attractions from zoos to public parks, heritage sites to town centres.

Freestanding interpretation boards are used to provide further information or insight into nature reserves, wildlife areas, places of interest and visitor attractions. Information boards are just one of the ways you can entice your visitor’s sense of curiosity and discovery.

As an interpretation board designer and manufacturer, we recognise the need for appropriate signage and insightful information to make your area of interest captivating, as well as an informative place to visit for both local residents and tourists. An attractive freestanding interpretation display utilising illustration and text can get the balance between attracting your visitors and also educating them about the area or wildlife.

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If you’re looking to rejuvenate your outdoor interpretation board signage, explore our range of designs. Our Cavalier™ Interpretation Display is ideal for welcoming the public in larger locations, featuring a robust stainless steel construction and the option to have your display single or double-sided. On the other hand, our Bowman™ Option E Interpretation Display is perfect for places of interest or wildlife and nature reserve; this particular interpretation board offers protection from the weather and can be made to your shape and design.

Buying indoor and outdoor information boards

When researching interpretation panels, it is important to consider the location and the purpose of your display. We offer a vast collection of interpretation boards to ensure they are suitable for an array of different purposes and environments. Most commonly found outdoors amongst the elements, our information boards are manufactured using robust, durable and hard-wearing materials designed to withstand adverse weather conditions, as well as maintain their aesthetics to appeal to visitors.

As touched upon, considering the location for your interpretation board will be an important factor in determining the style and design you opt for. For example, if you’re looking to direct your visitors to a particular area of a nature reserve, you may choose a rustic, earthy oak or timber-made board that is in tune with its surroundings, such as our Bowman Option C Interpretation Display.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for an information board suitable for a town centre or an area of public transport, for example a train station, you may opt for something more contemporary looking. Our Lancer™ Interpretation Display is made from robust stainless steel and provides an attractive display for information.

Custom information boards

We understand the importance of customisation to really engage with your visitors; one of the great things about our freestanding interpretation boards is that each element can be customised to your requirements. In essence, this means you can create a truly one-of-a-kind interpretation board that complements its environment and engages with its audience.

There are a number of features you can customise, including whether your information board is single or double sided, altering the size and shape, customising the finish and choosing the text and illustration of your interpretation.

The advantage of a customisable interpretation board is that you’re able to convey the right message to your visitors. Whether you’re looking for a simple or complex design style, our team have the expertise and attention to detail to accommodate your requirements and create something truly unique.

Ordering an interpretation board for your business, attraction or nature reserve

Ordering an interpretation board from Fitzpatrick Woolmer is a simple process that can take as little as 4 weeks from the moment you order. Depending on the level of customisation you require, we will collect more information on your project to provide a quote that ensures time, care and attention goes into your creation.

To start your project, simply submit an enquiry using our online form or get in touch via 01634 711 771 to discuss your ideas and requirements in more detail with one of our friendly team members.

What Is an Interpretation Board?

Freestanding interpretation boards are professionally produced signage panels affixed to sealed, long-lasting frames to deliver a wide range of information to visitors and site users, mixing text and graphics with other visuals such as maps and diagrams to provide a seamless experience and ensure all visitors can navigate a site with ease.

Examples include interpretation boards in outdoor nature reservations and parklands, depicting the rare or native birds, wildlife and plants that visitors can identify, to commercial interpretation boards installed in retail parks, city centres and environments such as marinas to provide maps and advice around walking distances between points.

What Are the Different Types of Interpretation Boards?

Fitzpatrick Woolmer offers a catalogue of varied interpretation board designs and styles:

  • Modern stainless-steel interpretation displays such as our Enigma and Lancer models are constructed from stainless steel, with removable graphics panels, single or double-sided finishes and tamper-resistant fixings.
  • The Bowman freestanding interpretation board is produced from recycled plastic with a wood-effect appearance as a sustainable, recyclable and effective signage board often used in conservation areas.
  • Hardwood oak, as featured in the Bowman C display, is a natural, durable timber, treated with a preservative finish and blending into the organic feel of parklands, reservoirs and other outdoor venues.

Our Cavalier interpretation display is among the other popular options, with a classic, heritage aesthetic and wide panel sizing to provide maximum information, graphics and detail with a cast aluminium header board to feature the name of the attraction or site.

What Are the Different Applications for Interpretation Boards?

Interpretation boards are an excellent resource for any facility or space where visitors may need assistance accessing facilities, following routes, finding points of interest or understanding the relevance, context and importance of features.

We work with a diverse array of clients across the sectors, designing and producing high-quality interpretation boards for:

  • Local councils and parkland managers.
  • Nature reserves, conversation spaces and woodlands (see woodland signage)
  • Visitor attractions including castles, museums and galleries.
  • Commercial areas such as shopping centres, estates and retail parks.

The graphics, content and style of the panels inserted into your interpretation board are entirely customisable. Once you have selected the materials and finish of your preferred display, we can assist with the production of your graphics panel, whether single or dual-sided.

Why Are Interpretation Boards Needed?

Interpretation boards are designed for durability and outdoor installation. They are suited to any setting or site where visitors, attendees or the general public may need further information to enhance their experience, encouraging visitors to dip into the history, unique aspects or points of interest.

Display panels are equally useful in a commercial context, providing wayfinding without visitors needing to ask for assistance, making it easy to find departments, buildings, facilities and amenities.

Combining visual imagery, diagrams, maps, and graphics with text, arrows, and information makes interpretation boards accessible to all visitors, including families with younger children and international visitors.

Attractions, landowners and businesses can also customise their panels to include QR codes and other links to encourage visitors to learn more, support a cause, or access more detailed information to improve their experience.

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