Interpretation panel signage design

Producing wonderful interpretation panel signage

Fitzpatrick Woolmer’s team of designers are responsible for producing many of the wonderful interpretation signage and orientation panels you see on our website.

From history and heritage to wildlife, pond life and woodland dwellers, our interpretation panels are designed to engage and educate visitors. We have extensive experience in developing themes and storylines, writing copy and illustrating interpretation panels.

We have designed interpretation panels covering many subjects and for a variety of locations, including Country Parks, Nature Reserves, Heritage Attractions, and Zoos. We will take the time to understand your story and develop interpretation aimed specifically at your target audience, producing accessible interpretation that is memorable and fun.

Our design team will work closely with you in developing content, providing full colour proofs for comment and approval prior to printing.

Our interpretation signage expertise

To present your interpretation and orientation panels to maximum effect we recommend n-viro™ printed panels. n-viro™ outdoor printed panels are flame and graffiti resistant and come with a 10 year lightfastness guarantee.

To get your message in front of your audience we offer a range of interpretation and orientation displays, including our ever-popular Musketeer™ lecterns. These interpretive lecterns present information at a low angle, making them unobtrusive on the landscape and easily accessible to children and wheelchair users.

If it’s a more substantial sign you’re looking for, our freestanding interpretation panels come in a range of materials, including stainless steel, oak and recycled plastic. Available in a range of styles to suit most environments, you’re sure to find an interpretation display or entrance sign to suit your next project, whether from our traditional Cavalier™ sign range with its Victorian styling or something more rustic from our timber Bowman™ sign range.

What Is an Interpretation Panel?

Interpretation panels inform, engage and educate visitors, providing an immersive experience that translates visual aspects and knowledge to explain the significance, context, importance or correlation of a venue, attraction, site or outdoor venue.

For example, interpretation panels are widely used in areas of historical importance and outdoor nature reserves or conservation areas to share some of the unique, special or remarkable features of the landscape, ecosystem or structures that make a venue, attraction or countryside region worth paying extra attention to.

Designing the right interpretation signage may depend on the intended audience and whether panels need to be accessible and understandable by visitors of all ages. Regardless of the site or venue, a beautiful interpretation sign can make a profound difference to the visitor experience.

What Are the Different Types of Interpretation Panels?

The two primary ways to design an interpretation board are through wall-mounted display panels and freestanding boards. The correct model may depend on the type of venue, attraction or property concerned.

For outdoor venues and conservation or wildlife protection zones, freestanding interpretation boards are ideal, with weather-resistant and tamper-proof designs to keep your signage, information displays and graphics available year-round.

Wall-mounted interpretation panels are more suitable where signs need to be affixed to a wall, outside of a visitor attraction such as a heritage railway, museum, property of historical significance or another public venue.

What Are the Different Applications for Interpretation Panels?

The key to getting the design of an interpretation panel right is to think about the visitor experience and the information or knowledge that will transform their perception. 

For example, sitting on a crumbling wall might feel unimportant – but if that space was where a world-changing treaty was signed or a famous figure recited a piece of text now encapsulated in literature, the significance changes substantially.

Applications include any scenario or environment where visitors can extract value from high-quality signage that explains and communicates the history, importance or unique aspects of a venue or site relevant to:

  • Historical and heritage properties and locations.
  • Transport links, stations and depots with a history of significance.
  • Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and Conservation Areas.
  • Museums, parklands, reservoirs and outdoor visitor attractions.

Any site, public space, facility, venue or building with something important to share with visitors or passers-by can benefit from interpretation panels, particularly those that may not look, from the outset, remarkable, noteworthy or deserving of closer inspection.

Why Are Interpretation Panels Ideal?

Interpretation panels surpass other signage models by blending graphics, text, diagrams and maps to boost the experience and interest of visitors, using a range of visual mediums to explain and communicate, even with viewers who do not speak the local language.

The power of imagery is well known, and by identifying the important and special sites, fixtures, species, areas, landscapes or points that make a place, site or venue memorable, interpretation signs can create a whole new conversation and context that is impossible to achieve solely through written texts.

Professional design and production are key, and where site owners, managers and marketers wish to ensure every visitor is keenly aware of the nature they can see, or the relevance of the site, interpretation panels are ideal.

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To help fully realise your project Fitzpatrick Woolmer also offer printing, manufacturing and installation services, creating a true one-stop shop for your interpretation, signage and wayfinding needs.

To find out more about the full breadth of our sign design services and the projects we have completed fill out the contact form or call us on 01634 711 771.

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