Memorial signs and gardens are a beautiful way to commemorate a historical event, heritage site or person of significance who has a connection with your outdoor spaces, including our late monarch, the greatly respected Queen Elizabeth II.

Our customised memorial signs (garden plaques, lecterns and commemorative posts) are a sustainable, long-standing and subtle addition to memorial areas, allowing visitors to appreciate the history or importance of each space, and follow routes across your grounds.

Fitzpatrick Woolmer are leading suppliers of outdoor signage for businesses nationwide, with over 25 years of experience in working alongside a number of sectors to provide the perfect signage solution every time. View our range of memorial signs below.

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Hardwood Memorial Garden Lecterns

Our Musketeer® hardwood oak lectern is built with a robust single leg as a discreet yet accessible signage option, ideal for signage designating commemorative buildings, displays, artwork, murals and outdoor walkways.

Each lectern features a preservative finish for longevity, ensuring that your memorial wooden signage remains in excellent condition for years to come.

Features include:

  • Beautiful hardwood oak commemorative displays
  • Removable and replaceable graphic panels
  • Tamper-resistant, hardwearing fixings
  • Accessible lecture displays with a low height profile
  • Weatherproof, durable finish

We craft our oak lectern displays with standard A2, A3 and A4 artwork and can produce customised presentations as required to any sizing specification on request. View our range of oak signs here.

Waymarking Posts for Commemorative Spaces

Engraved hardwood oak plaques are a stunning complement to planting areas and can be used for a wide variety of memorial signs, wayfinding or engagement purposes:

  • Rubbing plaques positioned on the top of posts are an excellent way to engage with younger visitors, enabling them to follow memorial trails and participate in the activity, collating their own rubbings.
  • Individual posts can be used to identify unique or unusual species, including trees with an incredible heritage or those native plants that have relevance to the British countryside, memorials or local ecosystems.
  • Printed frontage graphics can be informative and include detailed information about the environmental characteristic of a particular area or as a practical detail to support safe navigation or signpost focal points or check marks along a trail.

Our oak waymarking posts are treated with a long-standing preservative finish. They are built to last, extending 900 mm from the ground for optimal visibility and are available for delivery within five weeks once your printing proofs have been approved.

Engraved text may be added to the face of your memorial posts and is customised to your requirements, and can be adapted with logos, numbers, place names or any other text or logo you wish to incorporate.

We can also manufacture waymarking posts for memorial areas to different specifications to suit your aesthetic, layout and sizing.

Commemorative and Memorial Signage

We specialise in outdoor wayfinding, fingerposts, lecterns and notice boards and provide efficient manufacturing and delivery services to ensure your memorial signs and boards are cost-effective and received promptly.

We create bespoke lecterns to educate visitors about planting, flower species, landscaping, and memorial trees and print signage boards to display essential information such as routes, maps, site history and the reasons specific flowers or shrubs have been selected for your memorial garden.

Commemorative planting can be a beacon for families and visitors who wish to relax in peaceful, natural environments, with carefully placed signage to engage and interest attendees or signpost visitors to facilities and amenities.

Stainless Steel Memorial Lecterns

Supported by an elegant single leg, our steel Chelmer lecterns are well placed in commemorative areas or memorial gardens, with a slimline appearance that blends seamlessly into the landscape.

Powder-coated finishes ensure your stainless steel lecterns are resistant to the elements and provide a natural colour that will become richer with time without deteriorating or rusting.

We appreciate that security is as essential as visitor value, and add features to protect and preserve your memorial sign, such as:

  • Removable and interchangeable graphic panels
  • Tamper-resistant fittings and fixings
  • Vandal-proof construction and installation

Our stainless steel lecterns are affordable for community projects and public gardens where signage is required, without extensive expenditure on premium posts or lecterns.

As outdoor memorial sign specialists, we offer a comprehensive range of lectern sizes, from smaller interpretation boards to higher profile or accessible wayfinding maps and displays with angled profiles for mobility-impaired visitors or children attending an educational visit.

Delivery is available in just five weeks with standard sizes of A2, A3 and A4, and bespoke lecterns are available on demand – please get in touch, and we will be happy to provide pricing information and lead times.

Competitively Priced Memorial and Commemorative Signs

Our experienced team of signage designers recognise the importance of combining affordability with quality and provide exceptional value memorial signage and commemorative displays.

We build memorial signs to order with efficient production techniques to expedite delivery and ensure newly constructed memorial grounds are ready for visitors on time.

Most memorial signage units are ready for delivery within four to eight weeks. Still, we will let you know whether bespoke sizes or additional display units require a slightly longer production time.

All artworks and graphics are pre-approved before printing or engraving for your peace of mind that your completed signs will convey the appearance you require.

Speak to a Memorial Sign expert

Should you require further information about our popular memorial garden wayfinding posts, lecterns, or outdoor signage for a peaceful commemorative outdoor space, the friendly team at Fitzpatrick Woolmer will be happy to help.

We can recommend products depending on your intended usage, size requirements, outdoor environment, aesthetic or visitor demographic to ensure your commemorations are accompanied by first-class quality signage created with craftsmanship in mind.

Please give us a call on 01634 711771 or send us an online enquiry at your convenience. We endeavour to make the ordering and installation process seamless and can work with existing designs or suggest layouts, fonts and imagery to represent your required information.

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