Fitzpatrick Woolmer manufactures bespoke oak signage for a broad range of applications, using quality, durable timbers with long-lasting finishes and exceptional attention to detail in every element.

Our oak signs include directional signs, notice boards, customised entrance signs, and a variety of other wayfinding models that provide an environmentally friendly, natural way to ensure visitors, guests, and site users can navigate with ease.

Oak is an excellent choice for signage requirements. It is crafted with skill by our talented signage design and artwork teams, creating a tailored sign to help your business stand out or provide essential information around your outdoor spaces.

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Oak Sign Finishes

If you are unsure of the right specification for your oak signage, please get in touch with us at your convenience for advice about the appropriate sizes, shapes, finishes and graphic styles that will best achieve your intended aims.

We create oak signs for a number of clients and can suggest options to satisfy your required aesthetic or showcase previous projects for inspiration.

The durability of your oak signage displays is paramount. As a leading manufacturer of all manner of wayfinding signs, Fitzpatrick Woolmer can discuss timber treatments, anti-tamper fixings, robust waterproof casings and clear, scratch-resistant glazing for notice boards, maps and commemorative signage boards.

Designing Custom Oak Signage

Our capable team designs and constructs oak signs for a multitude of venues, locations and uses, including entrance, badging, warning and lectern signs, and often work with clients such as:

  • Parkland owners and outdoor site managers
  • Schools, businesses, churches, colleges and public sector bodies
  • Caretakers for commemorative and memorial gardens
  • Heritage property owners and managers
  • Travel providers, such as train or ferry services
  • Local authorities, community groups and lakeland sites

Every wood sign we create is approved before production. We can offer additional services such as bulk order manufacturing, artwork design, removable graphic panels and non-standard sizing, with most oak signage created in standard A1, A2 or A3 dimensions.

Choosing Your Oak Signage Displays

Among our most popular oak sign products, Fitzpatrick Woolmer provides a range of signs and waymarking posts, either with a quality preservative finish or a rustic, natural appearance for a subtle addition to environmentally protected spaces.

Oak Fingerposts

Fingerposts can provide seamless directions, with each fixed directional arm engraved with your choice of lettering font and designed with single, double or triple line arms depending on your requirements.

Our Rustic Oak Fingerpost is built from solid hardwood oak and comes with a professional one-year warranty.

Oak Waymarking Posts

Waymarking posts are commonly used in walking trails, outdoor routes, forestry trails and cycling paths, with colour coding or directional arrows to assist visitors and site users in following a path, selecting a course according to difficulty, or accessing facilities.

Hardwood oak waymarking posts can be manufactured with printed discs inset into the timber or with specific symbols, colours or icons to link to your property or site.

Oak Notice Boards

Notice boards constructed from hardwood oak are built to last, with or without header boards, for raising the profile of your venue.

Our standard notice board has a traditional feel, tough stainless steel locks, vent holes to prevent condensation, user-friendly magnetic backboards and a tough polycarbonate window for visibility.

Customised Oak Signage

We work with venues, public spaces, and indoor and outdoor sites, from creating custom oak signage for churches and natural burial grounds to heritage properties, public gardens and parklands with walking trails and cycle paths.

Your signage needs to be adapted to your site, visitors and needs, with multiple accessibility options available to encourage a diverse range of people to be able to enjoy the space available.

Examples include:

  • Low-profile information boards for visibility from wheelchairs or pushchairs.
  • Colour-coded badging or discs for multilingual communications.
  • High colour contrast engraving to ensure signage is clear from a distance.
  • Wide-set waymarking posts with a 900 mm extension from the ground.
  • Icon badges and engraved images for children’s trails.

Please get in touch to discuss your specific requirements and for guidance on the features we might suggest for your oak signage to cater to the needs of all site visitors.

Signage can often be delivered within five to eight weeks, or potentially sooner, depending on the type of oak signs required and whether you need one bespoke sign or multiple customised signs to create a network of wayfinding assets.

Our oak entrance signs can, of course, be tailored to your requirements in terms of font, size, design, colours and finishes to match the nature and theme of your property, facility or business.

Installing Your Oak Signage Boards and Posts

As the experts in UK signage, Fitzpatrick Woolmer can assist in every aspect of your signage, from the initial design to manufacture, delivery and installation.

Installation can be complex, and our project managers can advise on multiple considerations, such as health and safety, convenience, and ensuring minimal visitor disruption during the process.

We can provide a comprehensive installation from start to finish, including initial site surveys and risk assessments, with a seamless, end-to-end service to ensure your oak signage is correctly installed, property secure, and ready for use.

Additional services are also available to produce signage with a strong visual impact, such as landscaping and planning for a focal display to highlight notice displays, oak entrance panels or other signage units.

Order Your Bespoke Oak Signage

Whether you have an idea in mind or would like to explore the opportunities to install new signage or replace worn wayfinding posts with durable, long-lasting oak alternatives, Fitzpatrick Woolmer can help.

Please contact our friendly team at your convenience, either by submitting an enquiry or by giving us a call at 01634 711 771.

We manufacture both commercial and private oak signs. We will always be happy to provide cost estimates or quotations to help you select the optimal solutions to present the right first impression to your visitors or ensure that site users make the most of the time they spend with you.

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