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Some of the most important institutions in the country and the world, museums strive to educate the populations about the historical, cultural, scientific and artistic significance of objects from our past and present. 

From 2018 to 2019, it is estimated that 50.2% of people in the UK aged 16 and over had visited either a museum or gallery at least once in the past year. This impressive statistic suggests how important museum institutions are to the country and the significance of the value of museums to the people. 

While visiting museums, most people will not be able to immediately grasp the layout of your building and grounds. With multiple entrances and exits as well as potentially several car parks, it is important for developers to ensure that the site is sufficiently signposted and clear directions are provided where possible. 

As it may not always be possible to find a museum staff member for guidance, it is within the responsibility of the institution to make sure that health and safety regulations are met to prevent easily avoidable accidents. Additionally, if you are targeting a particular audience, you may want to consider a completely custom signage system so that you adhere to your branding of choice. 

Fitzpatrick Woolmer are specialists in designing, planning and manufacturing museum signage for institutions that require regulatory outdoor signage that is accessible to all. 

With over 25 years of experience in providing signage solutions for businesses all over the UK, you can guarantee that you will get the best products and customer service. We have previously worked with a number of sectors, including educational institutions, conservation trusts, heritage attractions, local authorities and more. 

The Fitzpatrick Woolmer team can help you along every step of the process, from creating designs for museum signage to planning and eventually manufacturing the products. We offer a variety of items such as wayfinding signs, fingerposts, ladder signs, entrance signs and other types of outdoor museum signage. 

Deliberating whether your business needs signage? Read our article ‘Why is signage important for a business?’ for or speak to our signage consultants.

Outdoor Museum Signage

Ideal for museum buildings of all types and sizes, our outdoor museum signage can be installed in a number of different locations. From directional signage installed to guide your visitors towards your site, to wayfinding signage to ensure that each person can reach their destination safely. 

Fitzpatrick Woolmer specialise in all areas of signage for museums, with a variety of entirely customisable products to ensure that your institution messaging can be delivered as wished. 

Common examples of signage used in museums include: 

  • Entrance signs. Perhaps one of the most important forms of signage, entrance signs are often seen by visitors upon entering the premises. As the entrance sign is often representative of the institution, it is necessary that all important information is conveyed appropriately. 
  • Wayfinding signs. Fitzpatrick Woolmer offers a range of museum signage and wayfinding signs, with products such as fingerposts, waymarking discs, waymarking posts and directional signs. A combination of these types of signage can help visitors to your museum navigate your premises safely. 
  • Directional signs. If you are looking to guide your visitors in a particular direction, directional signage is the perfect choice to emphasise a route to an exhibition or attraction. 


Museum Signage Design

In order to communicate with people of all ages and abilities, it is important to install signage that is accessible and understandable to most visitors. This is so that people can navigate through your institution easily. As most museums welcome a number of visitors from other countries, it is also necessary to make sure that these people are also considered when designing your museum signage. 

Our museum signage range is ideal for installation in external environments. This includes your building entrance, car park or any other part of your grounds. We can also design single and multiple versions of our signage, altered to match your exact sizing and text specifications. Our design services include: 

Interpretation Signage Design. An important addition to museums, interpretation panels can be perfect for engaging and educating your visitors. You can fill these panels with any type of information you wish – with colourful illustrations to match! Our museum signage design services cover theme development, illustration, storyline development and writing copy. 

Creative Mapping. Fitzpatrick Woolmer creative mapping can truly help bring a standard map to life. Whether you would like a bird’s eye view map or even a map from the viewer’s perspective, our team will coordinate with your inhouse team to produce a map that can illustrate important landmarks while remaining eye-catching and accurate. 

Exhibition Design. Exhibitions are often an integral part of the museum experience. The Fitzpatrick Woolmer exhibition design service allows you to bring your exhibition to life with colourful and engaging interpretive exhibitions that will capture the imagination of visitors of all ages. 

If you would like to order outdoor museum signage, please contact our team. Alternatively you can call us on 01634 711 771 to speak directly to us about your requirements. 

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To help fully realise your project Fitzpatrick Woolmer also offer printing, manufacturing and installation services, creating a true one-stop shop for your interpretation, signage and wayfinding needs.

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