Commercial Signage Costs


When opening a business that has a physical premise, it is important to consider the type of signage you will be investing in to display essential information around your location site. Depending on the type of services you offer and the area you are situated in, you may want to install a variety of signage; from entrance signs that invite people onto your property, to wayfinding signs that help people navigate the area safely. 

When determining the costing of commercial signage, there are several factors that need to be considered. These include: 

  • Budget
  • Business requirements
  • Variety of signage
  • Order quantity
  • Signage materials
  • Signage complexity
  • Additional services
  • Installation of signage

For smaller businesses with limited space, you can expect to pay a few hundred pounds. However, if you have a business with one or multiple sites, you may require larger, more complex signage which may increase your costs to £10,000 or more. 

 Commercial Signage Pricing Factors

As previously mentioned, there will be several factors that contribute to the pricing of your commercial signage project. While opening your business location may be a priority, it is necessary to invest in long-lasting signage that can reflect your business values and branding the way you want it. 


While every commercial signage business has their own pricing policy, it is also necessary to take into consideration your own budget. If you have no idea how much or what signage your business requires, we recommend that you conduct further research to determine an approximate value.

You can enquire with most signage experts online but if your closest company has a physical location, it may be preferable to speak in person. Please be aware that some companies may not accept walk-ins, so be sure to check online or call ahead before you visit. 

When deciding upon how much to spend on your company signage, you will want to make sure that you aren’t spending too much of your overall budget as there may be other priorities to consider. On the other hand, you should not compromise on the quality of your product as further down the line you may have to spend significantly more on repairing or even replacing faulty signage. 

Business Requirements

Every business has a different set of requirements when it comes to installing the right signage. For example, a museum may require different signage to an office building. These can vary depending on the scale of the business location to the specific signs you need, such as prohibition discs or wayfinding signage.

Variety Of Signage

Signage companies, such as Fitzpatrick Woolmer, commonly offer a wide variety of sign options. These can be utilised for a number of purposes such as helping visitors navigate your premises, highlighting any approved/disapproved action or activities and displaying other important information such as opening and closing times. 

Due to the range of signage currently available on the market, it may sometimes be difficult to decide upon which forms of signage are necessities and which aren’t. Depending on the various signs you choose, the costs can vastly differ.

Order Quantity

Although it may seem obvious, the quantity of signage you order will directly affect the prices you pay, However, some signage companies may offer bulk order deals, so we encourage consulting with their team to see if this is possible.

Signage Materials

Whilst signage material such as plastic is relatively cheap and easy to manufacture, most companies offer a range of alternative signs produced from several other materials. This includes: steel, wood, bronze, aluminium and more. 

Not all materials have the same price value, so depending on which signage you choose, the cost may be significantly cheaper or more expensive. 

Signage Complexity

Although not a service provided by all signage companies, you may decide that you want to invest in signage design. This can mean everything from illustrations, creative design and even signage planning. 

If you already have designs pre-prepared, the overall costs will be generally less as you will not need further custom assistance from the company. However, if you require an external service that includes conceptualising branding and graphic design, you have to be prepared to spend a little more. 

Installation Of Signage & Other Services

You may discover that you require other services from your commercial signage providers, such as signage installation, strategy planning and more. Depending on the company and project at hand, this can result in spending significantly less or more. 

That concludes our article on the cost of commercial signage and the different cost factors that come into play. For further information on Fitzpatrick Woolmer’s signage, browse our range of products or take a look at our sectors pages to see some of the organisations we work with. Alternatively, you can contact us online or by calling 01634 711 771 for a price quote today.