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We frequently hear from clients looking for exceptional quality signage who are unsure of the cost of signs or are interested in installing premium signage throughout their site within a fixed budget. In general, signage costs from £200 to £30,000 depending on a number of factors (updated for 2024). Custom signs vary in cost owing to the vast array of materials, colours, sizes and print or engraving to choose from.

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We have compiled this article to provide you with a guide as to average costs of signage and to get an idea about what may be possible for your business, venue, or visitor attraction. Please note that all indicative prices mentioned within this guide are exclusive of VAT – you can contact Fitzpatrick Woolmer at any time for a more accurate quotation for your required signage displays.

How do I work out the cost of a signage project?

When determining the cost of commercial signage, there are several factors that need to be considered. These include:

  • Budget
  • Business requirements
  • Types of Sign
  • Signage materials
  • Signage complexity
  • Order quantity
  • Additional services
  • Installation of signage


While every commercial signage business has their own pricing policy, it is also necessary to take into consideration your own budget. If you have no idea how much or what signage your business requires, we recommend that you conduct further research to determine an approximate value.

You can enquire with most signage experts online but if your closest company has a physical location, it may be preferable to speak in person. Please be aware that some companies may not accept walk-ins, so be sure to check online or call ahead before you visit.

When deciding upon how much to spend on your company signage, you will want to make sure that you aren’t spending too much of your overall budget as there may be other priorities to consider. On the other hand, you should not compromise on the quality of your product as further down the line you may have to spend significantly more on repairing or even replacing faulty signage.

Business Requirements

Every business has a different set of requirements when it comes to installing the right signage. For example, a museum may require information boards which is a different type of signage to an office building at may require outdoor notice boards. These can vary depending on the scale of the business location to the specific signs you need, such as prohibition discs or wayfinding signage.

Business sign costs by type

Firstly, the type of signage is an important factor. At Fitzpatrick Woolmer, we produce everything from finger posts to notice boards and information displays. For the latter, there is usually an element of design, which would increase the cost of your signage, whilst some items are simple to customise and produce. See our table below for a rough estimate:

Sign Type Average Costs
Wayfinding Signage Cost £200 to £700 per item
Interpretation Display £1,000 to £3,000
Notice Board and lectern signs £900 – £1,300
Costs of a Large / Global Signage £15,000 – £30,000

Signage Materials

Different materials and manufacturing processes can make a sign more expensive than others. For example, a stainless steel interpretation display sign costs more in comparison to a similar oak, or recycled plastic alternative. You can see some examples of price differences below.


Additionally, the size of a sign also affects its cost as larger signs require more materials and labour to produce. This is true regardless of the material you use, or your chosen signage company.


You may require one individual sign, or you may be looking for a complete wayfinding solution for a whole site, or outdoor area. The higher the number / quantity of signs required, the higher the expected costs.

Signage Complexity / Design

Although not a service provided by all signage companies, you may decide that you want to invest in signage design. This can mean everything from illustrations, creative design and even signage planning.

If you already have designs pre-prepared, the overall costs will be generally less as you will not need further custom assistance from the company. However, if you require an external service that includes conceptualising branding and graphic design, you have to be prepared to spend a little more.

Type of installation

Another factor that can influence the cost of signage production is the type of installation required for the sign. Signs may need to be installed on walls, poles or other structures that could incur additional costs such as structural calculations.

Types of Signage Explained

Wayfinding Sign costs

Wayfinding signage is an essential resource for outdoor parks, walking trails, cycling routes and country parks, with our Grenadier™ Waymarking Post available from £205 per item.

This premium hardwood oak post comes with self-adhesive vinyl arrows to indicate the correct direction and has engraved text detail for long-term durability.

A full-height Rustic Oak Fingerpost is closer to £635 – a hardwood oak wayfinding asset with three fixed directional arms as standard and elegantly engraved lettering.

Like all Fitzpatrick Woolmer signage, we apply a preservative finish to ensure your wayfinding signs stand the test of time.

Interpretation display costs

Interpretation displays provide a wealth of information and advice for site visitors, made from natural oak with tamper-resistant fixings, recycled plastic and stainless steel, they are available in a range of standardised sizes.

Our A1 Bowman™ Interpretation Display, Option C, was created for just under £1,070 and is an immersive visual display to explain more about your site, the flora and fauna, interesting heritage, or native species for visitors to look out for.

Additional features such as header and footer boards allow you to create signage at a competitive cost, improving visitor experiences and communicating all the vital information that adds context and interest to your venue.

Another high-demand interpretation display board is the Cavalier, a beautiful stainless steel piece of signage that denotes a classic design, complete with a cast aluminium header featuring the name of your site, attraction or business.

This display board is likely to cost around £2,810 and can be double-sided to maximise the space available to share graphics, maps, wayfinding or more detailed information about the amenities and facilities available on site.

While many clients opt for timeless styles and classic interpretation displays, our talented design team can also create modern, slick and business-specific boarding, with our Enigma™ Interpretation Display retailing at roughly £2,900.

Notice Board and Lecterns sign costs

Average cost: £900 – £1,300

Lecterns and notice boards are essential for numerous attractions, events, public parks, and open spaces, providing accessible, angled signage that is legible to pedestrians, and wheelchair users or children in buggies.

Our A1 Musketeer™ Twin-Leg Steel Lectern is a superb choice, with a removable graphic panel should you need to adapt the information displays to different periods, attendance dates, or events.

This powder-coated lectern comes in standard A2, A1 and A0 sizing and is available for just under £900, with a durable finish that ensures your signage will remain in excellent condition for years to come.

If you require an expertly constructed notice board for community areas, villages and groups, we’d recommend the Freestanding Recycled Plastic Notice Board, an eco-friendly, sustainable signage model that incorporates environmentally sound recycled plastic.

All of the materials used in this notice board are 100% recyclable. It requires zero maintenance with robust, clear polycarbonate windows, a magnetic backboard to position notices and announcements, and stainless-steel locking mechanisms to prevent vandalism.

The recycled plastic notice board comes at a cost of roughly £1,250 and is an excellent community resource, advertising station and informational guide for residents, visitors, and attendees.

Costs of a Large Signage project (Design, Print and Production)

All Fitzpatrick Woolmer signs are custom-made to your specifications, featuring bespoke branding, colours, text, and fonts, however, some project specifications may required an element of design, print or wayfinding consulting.

Larger projects require a higher number of signs, information boards or information displays. To better understand signage costs for complete sites, including manufacturing, delivery, and installation, we have run through some case studies below for a selection of our recent projects.

Marriott’s Way Signage

Our Marriott’s Way project was completed on behalf of Norfolk County Council, looking to transform a railway line into an accessible path for walking, cycling and horse riding.

Fitzpatrick Woolmer designers created 16 interpretation display boards, crafted into lectern-style notices along the 26-mile route, at around £24,000.

We were delighted to be a part of this redevelopment project, reimagining previously inaccessible land into an open access route to encourage outdoor activities and give visitors and residents the freedom to revisit the old railway lines and enjoy the scenery and natural greenery.

Petersham Common Signage

The Petersham Common design scheme was initiated by Petersham Common Conservators, working to preserve this wildlife corridor that sits between the Thames and Richmond Park as an important green space with excellent accessibility.

Signage requirements included display lecterns explaining the history of the site, interpretative lecterns with wheelchair-friendly signage, and prohibition signs to mitigate the potential for unwanted behaviour.

Overall, the project cost around £10,000 and has helped transform this valued natural space into a route with You Are Here markers and clear map outlays to help visitors and walkers confidently manage their trip.

Beckenham Place Park Signage

The Beckenham Place Park project in Lewisham came in at around £30,000. It was an exciting chance to engage with the Borough of Lewisham, transforming the 98-hectare site and emphasising the heritage behind historic buildings, the first purpose-built swimming lake in London, and stunning ancient woodlands.

We worked on a signage and wayfinding strategy, producing bespoke colours and council branding to create a cohesive, well-facilitated signage system throughout the extensive parklands.

Hunstanton Heritage Gardens Signage

Working in and around Hunstanton Heritage Gardens in Kings Lynn and West Norfolk was an opportunity for our signage design and production teams to immerse themselves in the redevelopment of these heritage gardens.

Fitzpatrick Woolmer worked within a £30,000 budget to create a broad range of signage, including stainless steel interpretation panels and lectern signage with n-viro™ printing to ensure each display was durable and protected from direct sunlight.

Enquire to Receive Accurate signage costs

The signage examples and projects we have showcased here are a small fraction of the body of work Fitzpatrick Woolmer has accumulated over the years – our expert craftspeople and designers are always happy to discuss any project, large or small.

Please get in touch at your convenience for more information about any signage models or project costs discussed here or to arrange a good time to talk about the signage you have in mind.

Mark Woolmer

Mark Woolmer

With a strong background in art and design, Mark is passionate about the capacity for excellent design as a communication tool, leading the Fitzpatrick Woolmer company and focusing on strategy, business development and continual improvement.

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