Premium metal and aluminium signage provide multiple advantages over other materials – from excellent durability and contemporary, high-end finishes to customisable colourways and professional powder-coating for long-term resistance to the elements.

Fitzpatrick Woolmer is a market-leading UK provider of an extensive range of metal signs, with design, artwork, printing and production services, and a vast catalogue of outstanding quality metal and aluminium signage, always tailored to your brand, requirements and expectations.

The visual impact of a stunning, expertly crafted metal signage display is immersive, engaging and eye-catching, emphasising the core message, whether to introduce visitors to your business or site, display an entrance notice or provide seamless experiences through directional and wayfinding signage.

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A metal sign created specifically for your needs

Signage is a vital aspect of customer and visitor experiences in countless scenarios, from hospitals to schools, business parks to industrial areas, tourist centres to conservation regions, and we appreciate that every metal or aluminium signage asset should reflect the aesthetic, tone and style of your site or premise.

Fitzpatrick Woolmer works closely with every client to understand your aspirations and expectations, grasp the nuances around visitor demographics and accessibility, and provide independent advice to ensure the signage you choose perfectly aligns with your specifications.

Before production begins, we provide full-colour proofs to ensure you have the opportunity to tweak or edit signage designs, review the finished appearance of your metal signage products, and can envisage how your completed signs will look when manufacturing is complete.

Why choose a metal sign?

We find that clients have several reasons for choosing metal signage over other materials. Here are some reasons why metal signage might be a suitable choice:

  • Longevity: Metal signs are built with longevity in mind. They have a longer lifespan compared to signs made from other materials, such as wood or plastic. You can read more about how long signs last here. By investing in a metal sign, you can expect it to maintain its appearance and functionality for years, resulting in cost savings over time. Some of our metal signs have been in situ for over 20 years!
  • To maintain a certain appearance: Metal signage may be a better fit for your site, purely because they fit the branding or aesthetic that you’re looking for. Metal signs often have a sleek and polished appearance but also, a timeless look. They’re highly contemporary but can be treated with rustic, traditional or sympathetic finishes in cohesion with older, heritage and historically important buildings
  • Low maintenance: All signs require upkeep but metal signs are known to require minimal maintenance. They are easy to clean and typically only require periodic washing with mild soap and water to remove dirt or grime. Unlike signs made from other materials, metal signs do not require regular repainting or refinishing, saving you time and effort.
  • Weather resistance and durability: Metal signs are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions – very common in the UK climate! They are less susceptible to damage from rain, snow, extreme temperatures, and UV rays. This weather resistance ensures that your sign remains visible and legible throughout different seasons, maintaining its impact and effectiveness.
  • Tamper resistance: Our metal signs feature well-designed base units and anchorage points for security and anti-tampering properties, adding to the longevity of the sign.
  • Eco credentials – stainless steel and aluminium signs are 100% recyclable at end of life, making them very good for the environment.

Metal and Aluminium Signage Finishes

The diversity of treated metal and aluminium materials is ideally suited to signage displays such as modern fingerposts with clear lettering, heritage-style wayfinding installations in visitor attractions, parks and cycle paths, and modular displays which adapt perfectly to business spaces, public sector venues and educational facilities.

Our skilled design team can customise powder-coated finishes to any colourway that matches your landscaping, building, premise or compound, with options such as:

  • Brushed stainless steel.
  • Combined stainless steel and aluminium.
  • Standardised or tailored powder coating colours.

Alongside adjustable signage frames and directional signage, our design team can recommend finishes, shades and tones to offset the base colours within your graphic panels, permanent etching or adhesive lettering to enhance the visible impact of text or content, and creative mapping or graphic illustrations.

Applications for Aluminium and Metal Signage

Among our broad array of clients and customers, Fitzpatrick Woolmer regularly supports:

  • Site managers who are responsible for areas with conservation or graded status.
  • Local councils, community groups and residential associations.
  • Outdoor areas, such as cycling routes, nature reserves and walking paths.
  • Parkland managers, including those managing memorial and heritage gardens.
  • Public space managers in charge of woodlands, hiking routes and coastlines.
  • Public sector bodies include churches, local governments, schools and universities.

If you would like to introduce clear, user-friendly and accessible metal signage for your site or complex with a sustainable and long-lasting finish, we can happily provide comparable pricing and design inspiration to achieve the finish and effect you have in mind.

Metal and Aluminium Fingerpost Signage

Fingerposts are a superb choice for compounds, sites and facilities with multiple buildings, departments or areas, with clear and understandable horizontal directional markers that indicate the correct route to find all the appropriate facilities or reception areas.

Metal fingerposts include traditional signage created to present a cohesive visual impact in parkland and visitor attractions, in contrast to contemporary metal fingerposts with a slick, minimalist finish.

Our metal fingerposts can be produced with self-adhesive vinyl logos and lettering that can be easily interchanged or permanently cast lettering with a tough powder-coated finish.

Aluminium and Metal Directional Signage

Directional signage adds a greater breadth of detail and wayfinding, with wide-profile vertical boards that have scope to include creative mapping, graphics, and more specific information about the various sites, locations and help points within your site.

Our metal directional signs include best-selling models like the Enigma™ and dCipher™ directional signs, with a huge range of options in terms of style, wording, fonts, colourways and design impacts.

How to order metal signage with Fitzpatrick Woolmer

Please browse our metal signage options above. For more detailed specifications or to make an enquiry, get in touch here at any time to explore the variety of metal and aluminium signage that will make the most positive impact on your property or site.

As experts in all types of outdoor signage, we endeavour to make your signage order and production process as seamless and stress-free as possible, with an inclusive range of products and services across the UK charitable, public sector and commercial industries.

We can assist with signage designs, upgrades to older or damaged metal signage, or replacements for tired and weather-worn displays to hardwearing, advanced alternatives.

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