Alban Way, St Albans City & District Council


We will often walk past a piece of heritage and neither recognise it or pay it any mind. When a disused railway line is changed to a surfaced path for cyclists and walkers much of the original infrastructure is lost, but there often remains some interesting features that can be overlooked by the general public.

The Alban Way in Hertfordshire is just such a place, where once frequented train platforms still stand alongside a popular pedestrian route. To raise awareness of the history of Alban Way we developed themed interpretation displays and waymarking posts that brought to life the industrial heritage of this once thriving locomotive transport link.

Interpretive lecterns featured laser cut detailing and oak waymarking posts were permanently engraved with train decals. We designed and printed high resolution n-viro™ graphic panels, offering a 10 year lightfastness guarantee, and produced public warning messages in etched zinc.

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