Lee Valley Regional Park, LVRPA


Lee Valley Regional Park is 10,000 acres of open spaces and sports venues that stretches for 26 miles. The need for interpretation and orientation is not only desirable, it is a necessity if visitors are to make the most of their day out, with so many attractions across such a big network.

It is often apparent when clients have invested in other systems, that tried and tested solutions can prove to be the best value for money. In this instance, our Musketeer™ range of stainless steel lecterns were the perfect answer to displaying interpretive information in this public open space.

Our Musketeerlectern has been on the market for over 20 years and is available in a range of sizes and colour finishes, allowing it to fulfil most interpretation and orientation needs, whilst offering excellent value for money through its robust construction.

In total we supplied 23 stainless steel Musketeerlecterns in brand colours, with full colour n-viro™ prints for added longevity. To accommodate the different locations and artworks, some lecterns were supplied for mounting to railings and others in a portrait format.

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