Salmons Brook, Thames 21


Our work at Salmons Brook and Bury Lodge is a perfect example of how metal lecterns can blend seamlessly into the landscape. Corten steel, or weathering steel as it is sometimes known, will rust naturally, creating earthy tones that complement woodland, wetland and grassland habitats.

Thames 21 specified Corten steel as the base material for their interpretive lecterns, with face mounted n-viro™ prints to bring out the vivid colours of the artwork and protect the graphics from vandalism and graffiti.

Corten steel is an extremely robust material and when coupled with lasercut details creates an interpretive installation that is both artistic and aesthetically pleasing.

The natural patina forms a protective coating over the steel, preventing it from corroding further and prolonging the life of the display. We offer a range of Corten steel lecterns in standard sizes, with n-viro™ graphic panels to suit.

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