Tamworth Castle Grounds, Tamworth Borough Council


Tamworth Castle Grounds sits in the heart of Staffordshire. The site offers magnificent raised flower beds, river walks and picnic areas with the opportunity to hire a cycle to explore the area even further. The area is steeped in history with Tamworth Castle being around 900 years old.

When you have a number of green spaces joined by a single brand, it is important to create continuity throughout your signage, allowing visitors to recognise ownership and instil a sense of pride. This can be achieved through design styling, unique detailing and materials, and will require the very specialist services of an experienced sign manufacturer.

Tamworth Borough Council were looking to badge a number of parks and open spaces, and brand recognition and spirit of place were very much the driving force.

Our creative team developed concepts for a unique range of welcome signs, manufactured from oak with permanently engraved lettering and icons inspired by the heritage of Tamworth Castle.

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