Fitzpatrick Woolmer offers a comprehensive town signage design and manufacturing service, creating durable, long-lasting town signage that delivers a welcoming, cohesive and informative environment for residents, visitors, vehicles and pedestrians.

We produce bespoke outdoor signs that act as welcome boards, display important safety information, wayfinding signage to direct visitors to popular attractions and amenities, or provide a community feature along town greens, parks and promenades.

Town signs can be designed in any materials or colours synonymous with the local council or borough and feature emblems, icons and symbols linked to the town’s heritage and history.

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Professionally Designed Town Signs

High-quality signage, produced from materials like hardwood timbers, eco-friendly recycled plastics, and tough stainless steel, gives a town of any size a sense of identity. Our signage experts consult with every client to understand your objectives, whether you’d like new signage to reflect reinvestment in the area, commemorate areas of historical significance, or broaden access to open spaces and public facilities.

We develop signage that stands out, using cutting-edge craftsmanship and versatile designs that can be adapted to any environment. Techniques include laser-etched lettering for weatherproof signage displays, fingerposts used in town squares and parks, and lecterns where town councils and leaders can display information about upcoming events.

Many towns welcome input from their residents when designing new signage, ensuring this represents the community and uses fonts, colours and icons that connect with the town and its location.

You can browse our extensive signage galleries to inspire you or to get a better idea of the contrasts between contemporary signage displays and heritage signage that integrates seamlessly with the environment.

Types of Custom Town Signs

The ideal placements and signage design panels will depend on the layout, nature, and location of your town, as well as the nearby amenities, with a full array of models available. We craft signs based entirely on your specifications and can suggest modifications, bespoke lettering or unique icons that communicate your core messaging.

Among our extensive town signage catalogues, we provide:

  • Welcome signs and signage announcing other towns you may be twinned with.
  • Historical reference signs and plaques for memorials, buildings and public spaces.
  • Interpretation displays that share maps, highlight areas of interest or indicate how to reach facilities such as parking areas, tourist information centres and bathrooms.
  • Wayfinding signage used around seafronts, parks, nature reserves, cycle paths and pedestrianised town centres.
  • Educational signs and badging, which can inform visitors about the significance of a statue, fountain or monument.
  • Informational and safety-based signage, which might showcase the names of clubs or associations that have sponsored signage, notices about traffic control and littering, or caution signs to protect wildlife and livestock.

Many towns use their signage as an opportunity to convey the aspects of the town that residents are most proud of – such as previous residents of historical importance, inventions or events linked with the town, or local delicacies, industries and products made in the area.

The Fitzpatrick Woolmer team works with town councils, private groups, residents associations, and organisations responsible for the management and upkeep of lakes, open green spaces, and parks. Based on your objectives, we can offer suggestions and advice about the right materials, designs, and placements for your signage.

Erecting Town Signs and Notice Display Boards

Installing signage that follows a consistent pattern and design provides a focal point where all the important locations are clearly signposted and follow a recognisable theme. That might mean using plaques and finger posts around buildings or landmarks, adding a high-visibility welcome sign at your town borders, or positioning notice boards and lecterns along green spaces, walkways and town centres.

Icons and symbols work well whether your town is associated with a particular species of flora or fauna, is home to native wildlife, or is depicted by a coat of arms. Visitors can immediately identify where they are and follow signage to find attractions and points of interest.

Notice boards are a great asset for smaller town communities, incorporating advanced security features to reduce the risk of tampering or vandalism. Sharing public notices such as forthcoming engineering or road works, events and consultations, and invitations to join local groups improves inclusivity and access to services.

We often recommend timber treatments to keep town signs in excellent condition in all weather conditions, name plates with graffiti-resistant finishes, and vented notice boards with tamper-proof locks.

Installing New Town Signs

Signage can be produced in any required configuration, whether freestanding signage to be displayed at a roadside, fingerpost signage as part of a wayfinding system or twin-leg signage often used in notice boards and lecterns.

As specialists in premium outdoor signage, we can adapt the fixtures and structure of your sign to your requirements, using double or single-sided lettering to maximise the amount of space available or to optimise the size of your fonts and symbols for excellent visibility.

Town signs are often placed at borders and main entrance routes but may also be erected in the centre of roundabouts to welcome visitors, mounted along a wall close to roads or town perimeters, or as freestanding signs along cycle paths, walkways and in the geographical centre of the town.

Our installation teams offer a streamlined service and can provide end-to-end signage production and fitting, ensuring your new town signs are firmly anchored and will remain stable and safe even in the wettest and windiest of weather.

Professional Town Signage Consulting Services

We recognise that selecting the designs and styles of new town signs can be complex. Many town leaders are responsible for commissioning signs following community consultations and discussions about the colours, themes, and lettering included within their signs that meet the needs of diverse stakeholders.

With decades of expertise, our signage consultants are always happy to advise, whether your priorities relate to weatherproof, long-lasting signage, high-quality materials and sustainable signage options, tamper-proof town notice boards, or finding the best possible signs within your budget.

Fitzpatrick Woolmer offers obligation-free quotations and can clarify the pricing differences between varied town sign models, including guidance on the types of designs, lettering and formats consistent with your design brief.

Town signs are made to order and are often ready for installation within eight weeks, with a full proofing and artwork approval system to ensure your finished signs meet your expectations. Please get in touch at any time to enquire about town signs or arrange a good time to talk.

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