Interpretation Displays, South Devon AONB


When a client has been buying the same product regularly for 10 years, you know that product has proven itself to be reliable, good value for money and fit for purpose. And that is exactly what is happening with South Devon AONB, who have consistently bought our recycled plastic sign displays and are loving them.

From wallmounting frames to Musketeer™ lecterns, Bowman™ displays to notice boards, our synthetic wood effect signs have ticked all the boxes for our client when it comes to durability, zero maintenance and the ever important environmental footprint. Produced from 100% recycled materials, our cedar effect plastic has a 50+ year life expectancy and being so similar in appearance to wood it preserves the world’s precious hardwood and softwood forests.

With so many funding sources available for projects that have a green footprint, our recycled plastic lecterns, notice boards, fingerposts and interpretation displays are the perfect partner for your signage and wayfinding project, and will add credibility to your funding application.

If all the above does not convince you of the durability of our recycled plastic sign displays, let us tell you a story of loss and sweet reunion. When storm Emma hit the South West coast of Britain in 2018 one of South Devon’s lecterns was washed out to sea, where it drifted lost and lonely for three long, turbulent days. It was spotted by local fisherman “Winky Steer” who took pity on the frightened and now exhausted lectern and rescued him from the angry sea and returned him to shore, where he has been reunited with his friends and once more provides interpretive knowledge to passing visitors.

Thank you Nicky for posing with our rescued lectern.

Sweet dreams everyone.

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